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3M Outdoor Water Filter Mini POE Filtration System w/o Installation

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3M Outdoor Water Filter Mini POE Filtration System w/o Installation

Whole House Outdoor Filter

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Number of Cartridge 1
Micron Rating 5 Micron
Technology In Line System
Flow Rate 10 gpm (37.85 lpm)
Cartridge Code Mini POE Catridge
Capacity No
Product Dimension W110 x H330mm
Product Origin U.S
Standard Warranty 1 Year
Condition 100% Authentic New Stock

Product Description



  • Compact design suitable for flat/apartment/condo
  • Size: 11cm (W) X 33cm (H)
  • Technical support team for the installation enquiry
  • Easy maintainance. Easy Quick Change Cartridge Design so everyone can easy replace the cartridge, DIY!
  • Change cartridge less than 10seconds.
  • 3M Science applied to providing cleaner water for your entire home, occupying minimal space.


Large Capacity Wholehouse Filtration System
Filters Water for the Entire Home
Reduces: Sand, Sediment, Rust & Soil

High Performance:
- Same filtration as traditional large capacity sump style whole house filtration systems
- Space saving design
- Long life (up to 12 months)
- 5 microns
- Superior flow rate - 10gpm
- Recommended for 4+ person / 3+ bathroom households

Helps Protect Your Home
- Filters incoming household water for all uses including drinking, dishwasher, clothes washer, and shower
- Less sediment in pipes & appliances
- Reduces sediment stains on clothes, sinks, fixtures

Inside the box:
- Quick change filter head

- Quick change filter

Sanitary Quick Change (SQC)
A major benefit brought by 3M to the water filtration industry is "Sanitary Quick Change" or SQC. This means filter change is much easier, quicker and cleaner. In Sanitary quick change systems, there is no contact with the dirty filter. The filter systems are contained in an encapsulated cartridge. This encapsulated system fits into a special head, so when change out comes the entire filter system can be removed. As the dirty filter and water remain inside the encapsulation there is no contact made by people changing the filter. This means a hygienic solution is achieved.
SQC systems as stated above typically have a special head system which simplifies the cartridge change-out, to a simple twist out of the old and twist in of the new. No tools or complicated alignment is required. No sanitisation of the filter housing is necessary as it is new and clean.




3M water filters provide you and your family with cleaner, clearer, better tasting water throughout your entire home every day.

A water filter installed in your home not only ensures that you can enjoy clear tasting water straight from the tap, you also protect your appliances from scale build-up that reduces the energy efficiency of your appliances.

Chlorine and lead can be found in our water supplies. Refer to the table below to find out the potential health effects and remedies to reduce its presence in your drinking water. It's your right to drink clean, drink healthy.

How does it enter drinking water? Many water treatment operations add Chlorine to drinking water as part of the water treatment process and to kill microbes and bacteria in swimming pools. Lead enters drinking water supplies from the corrosion of household plumbing systems (pipes, solders, fixtures)
What are the potential health effects?
  • Chlorine itself usually does not present major health concerns; however, it does affect water taste and odor.
  • Chlorine does react with other substances present in water to produce disinfection by-products, such as Trihalomethanes (TTHM).
  • Some people who drink water containing TTHM in excess of the EPA's standard over many years may experience problems with their liver, kidneys, or central nervous system. They may also have an increased risk of getting cancer.

  • Lead is a neurotoxin that accumulates in soft tissues and bone
  • Infants, children and pregnant or nursing women are at the greatest risk of lead exposure
  • At relatively low levels of exposure, these effects may include:
  • interference with red blood cell chemistry
  • delays in normal physical and mental development in babies and young children
  • slight deficits in attention span
  • impaired hearing
  • decreased learning abilities in children
  • slight increases in blood pressure in some adults
How can it be reduced in drinking water?
  • Filter your water
  • Look for an NSF certified drinking water filtration system that is certified to reduce chlorine taste and odor and/or TTHM
  • 3M Clean Water Solutions drinking water systems are NSF certified to reduce chlorine taste and odor
  • The 3M™ Advanced Drinking Water System also reduces TTHM

  • Filter your water
  • Look for an NSF certified drinking water filtration system that is certified to reduce lead in drinking water
  • Only use cold water for cooking and drinking: hot water leaches more contaminants from pipes and plumbing into the water
  • Flush pipes before drinking: the longer water sits in a home's pipes, the more lead it can contain. Let the water run until it gets as cold as possible--anywhere from 30 sec to 2 min--before using.


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Q: Hi, would like to find out about installation. How much is the charges? How much is the replacement cartridge? How often we need to replace the cartridge based on the household of 2 persons (mostly for washing & shower)
Posted On: 22/01/2018 By: Jennie Oon
Hi Jennie, Standard installation is RM 150. Cartridge needs to be replaced yearly. It also depends on your usage and quality of water in your area. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance. Thank you.

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