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Being the authorized dealer of 3M Malaysia, Water filter is one of the most popular products for the 3M product range.

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The 3M Water Filter

There are many reasons why you should invest in a 3M brand water filter - and not just because 3M is one of the most reliable and renowned brands.

Purifying your drinking water has a host of health benefits that you will feel almost instantly.

Fresher, tastier water is as easy to acquire as purchasing a 3M purification system and turning it on.

3M offers various designs to fit into your life and household perfectly.

There is the futuristic, countertop filtration system that cleans up to 14,000 200ml glasses of water.

Or you may choose the under-the-counter unit that connects directly to the water line. Inside these filters, bacteria growth is inhibited, chlorine and other contaminants (sediment, metal, and more) are captured, and only the finest tasting water flows through.

The Benefits of a Water Filter

1. Soften “hard” or polluted water.

Tap water around Malaysia is not usually recommended for immediate drinking and often requires boiling.

This may or may not apply to where you live in Malaysia, but you will notice that there is definitely discoloration and sometimes an odd aftertaste nonetheless.

Since boiling water takes time, and repeatedly drinking distilled water is not recommended for your health, filtering hard or polluted water is quick, easy, and means you can drink straight for the sink.

2. Cleaning out contaminants.

Drinking impure, contaminated water is actually the leading cause of illness and cancer in many developing countries.

There may be up to 2100 known contaminants present in unfiltered tap water.

When you use a water filter by 3M, you are not only making your water taste better, you are thoroughly cleaning it.

Better tasting, fresher water even makes food preparation safer.

3. Mental and physical health.

When you have a water filter, your overall well being will increase.

Showering in filtered water means softer skin, shinier hair, healthier teeth, gums, and eyes.

You will notice that any dryness or rashes will clean up or get easier to treat.

Hard water can also stain or cause your newly washed clothing to smell like it is months old, so washing you laundry with filtered water will correct that issue.

4. Economical.

Contaminated, hard water does not just adversely affect the people who use it. It damages the plumbing of your home too.

Overtime, piping will erode due to the trace minerals and toxins floating around the water, which can lead to premature breaks and leaks.

No one likes paying for new plumbing when it can be avoided.


Furthermore, a single purchase of a 3M water filter, depending on whether you choose an entire house unit or a single countertop fixture, will save you thousands of ringgit (even when you consider the cost of the replacement filters). Imagine not having to buy bottle water over and over.

You are protecting the planet when you filter your tap water, because you do not contribute to plastic bottle waste.

Malaysia does not have the worst water in the world, but is it time to be able to enjoy simply turning on the tap and getting a fresh drink of water?

With a 3M™ water filtration system, you can thoroughly clean out all the dangerous molecules and dirt that remains in the tap water.

You will amazed by how quickly your health improves when you have filtered water.