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Ariston Hood AH 61 CM X HA

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Ariston Hood AH 61 CM X HA

3 Speeds - Stainless Steel

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Speed 3 Speed
Extraction Rate (m3/h) 450
Product Front Type Stainless Steel
Control Type Mechanical Button Control
Cleaning Method 2 Self Supporting Aluminium Antigrease Filter - Washable in Dishwasher
Lights 2 Halogen Lamps
Motor 206W
Indicator -
Stop Delay Timer No
Installation -
Exhaust Type -
Dimension H180 x W600 x D280mm
Product Origin Europe
Standard Warranty 2 Years
Motor Warranty 2 Years
Condition 100% Authentic New Stock

Product Description



There are two different types of cooker hoods: the ducted hood for external evacuation and the recirculation
hood for internal filtering. The first type is the most efficient, as it effectively purifies the air, but this option
does require a direct external outlet. The filter hood, in contrast, can be installed anywhere, and extracts steam
and odours which rise from the hob, purifying them using a series of filters before rereleasing them into the
environment. As long as the filters are regularly replaced, these hoods ensure excellent results.



Ariston hoods have two types of filter: one for grease 
and a second for odours, the latter of which is present
only in recirculation models. The grease filter captures
particles of grease and keeps hold of them, preventing
them from entering the hood and reaching the motor.
The anti-grease filter can be easily removed and washed
in the dishwasher. The anti-odour filter on the other
hand, serves to purify the air and is usually located in a
plastic container containing granules of active carbon,
a natural substance which absorbs grease, odours
and humidity. By regularly replacing the active carbon
filters you can be sure that your air will continue to be
efficiently purified, making your time in your kitchen
much more pleasant.

In accordance with our philosophy of quality, which
always guides the selection of our materials, Ariston
uses only the highest quality, rustproof aluminium or
stainless steel filters.




The Sensor Plus infra-red heat sensor constantly detects the temperature below the hood, automatically switching it
on and off. Energy consumption is optimised by the automatic power adjustment system, because the hood switches
on only when necessary and automatically switches off when it no longer detects the presence of steam and vapour in
the air.


The hoods are equipped with a visual indicator showing
the saturation levels of the anti-grease and active carbon
filters. When the indicator lights up, the anti-grease filter
must be washed or the carbon filter replaced.


By selecting the Booster function, you can increase
the power of your hood, for the quick extraction of bad
smells or bothersome steam. In models equipped with
timer controlled Boosters, the function switches off
automatically after 5 minutes.



Ariston uses alternative extraction technology, in which
the flow of air is channelled around the external perimeter
of the hood, a system which is particularly efficient
in terms of reducing energy consumption and noise.
The filters are conveniently located under a steel panel,
which improves the hood’s appearance and simplifies
cleaning and maintenance.




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