Ariston Washer WMG 9237B EX + Ariston Vented Dryer TVF 75C 6H1 (AUS)

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Ariston Washer WMG 9237B EX + Ariston Vented Dryer TVF 75C 6H1 (AUS)

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Ariston Washer WMG 9237B EX

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Ariston Washer WMG 9237B EX

Ariston Vented Dryer TVF 75C 6H1 (AUS)

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Ariston Vented Dryer TVF 75C 6H1 (AUS)

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Product Description

Ariston Washer WMG 9237B EX


Capacity 9kg
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) 1200rpm
Color White
Loading Type Front Loading
Intensive Key No
Start Delay Time Yes
Water Consumption (L) N/A
Washer Performance A
Spin Drying Performance B
Connection Rating -
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) -
Energy Efficiency Class A+++
Dimension H850 x W595 x D605 mm
Product Origin Europe
Standard Warranty 2 Years
Motor Warranty 2 Years
Condition 100% Authentic New Stock


The best anti-stain treatment

There are stains that require high temperatures in order to get them out, but the colours may fade. With the special anti-stain cycle of the new washing machines and washer dryers, it is not necessary to exceed 40°C to effectively remove more than 20 different types of stains, including fruit, blood, chocolate, grass and felt-tip pen. The movements of the drum, the special initial bio-phase at 40°C, which removes enzymatic stains, and the subsequent phase at 43°C, during which the temperature is kept constant, ensure the removal of all stains, without pre-treatment.

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Whiter, for longer

With the special cycle dedicated to whites, the white stays brilliant and does not turn yellow, even after repeated washes. The effectiveness of the mechanical movements of the drum together with maintaining a constant temperature of 60°C for the duration of the main wash and the use of a larger quantity of water in the final stage of the cycle ensure the complete removal of dirt and residues for a white that stays brighter for longer. Higher class results.


The effectiveness of washes with the new Ariston washing machine and
washer dryer is guaranteed, by the ability to customise the cycles based
on the type of fabric and dirt. In this way, garments, especially the more
delicate ones, can be preserved and a perfect clean obtained. Simply
choose the cycle and select the type of wash you want, taking account of the fabric and the dirt.

Normal Designed

for medium soiled cotton or synthetic garments.


Ideal for the persistent stains, this cycle allows to eliminate the most stubborn dirt.


Perfect for more precious garments, this reduces the mechanical action of the drum by 68%, protecting the fibres.

Gentle protection

Anti Allergy Cycle

The Anti Allergy Cycle is based on two phases: heating the water, at the start of the wash, and keeping the temperature constant at 60°, so as to eliminate dust mites and pollen. The cycle also uses a larger amount of water to better dissolve the detergent and includes five rinsing stages - three more than in standard cycles - to remove major allergens such as dust mites and pollen from the fibres of the fabrics.


Ariston washing machines and washer dryers have achieved “Allergy UK” approval, which demonstrates the effective reduction of pollen and dust mites from fabrics treated with the Anti Allergy cycle. The approval certifies that the products have been scientifically tested and their performance measured and compared.


Ariston has revised the design of its new washing machines and washer dryers to improve functionality and ergonomics. The new appliances therefore offer a greater loading capacity, thanks to the larger inner door, the easier to read control panel and the rotating detergent drawer that helps dose the products correctly.

New front panel,  more space for programming

The control panel is 13 centimetres higher, compared to previous models. Thanks to the larger surface area, there is better readability for selecting and programming cycles and functions with ease.

Loading opening: the largest on the market

The new washing machines and washer dryers have the largest loading opening on the market, 34 cm in diameter, to make loading and unloading your laundry more convenient. The outer diameter of the hole has also been increased, giving a greater quality impact to the appliances.


New ergonomic handle

The shape of the handle has been redesigned to make it even more ergonomic and give it extra strength.

Rotating drawer with dispenser

The drawer no longer has to be pulled out, but rotates on itself, facilitating the insertion of detergent. In addition, thanks to the Easy Dose wall, it is easier to pour in the right amount of liquid detergent.


Increased load capacity

The new Ariston washing machines offer up to 10 kg of load capacity and a huge 10 kg washing capacity and 7 kg drying capacity in the washer dryers.

New colour versions

The attention to details is also found in the colour options offered by the new range of washing machines and washer dryers. It is possible to choose the colour of the profile from three options.


Ariston Vented Dryer TVF 75C 6H1 (AUS)


Capacity 7kg
Color White
Heating Type Vented
Anti-Crease Mode No
Start Delay Time Yes
Drum Material Galvanized Steel
Connection Rating -
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) -
Dimension H850 x W595 x D575 mm
Product Origin Europe
Standard Warranty 2 Years
Motor Warranty 2 Years
Condition 100% Authentic New Stock



Using a tumble dryer solves several problems; not least that of space in the home, so often invaded by clothes horses. With the new tumble dryers, it is no longer necessary to have extra space. Ariston has, in fact, created a special kit to make it possible to place the tumble dryer on top of the washing machine in a practical, safe way. The base is assembled in a few seconds and is particularly strong, ensuring maximum stability. Inside the base is a handy pull-out shelf, useful for resting the laundry basket in.


The new tumble dryers offer programs that are able to dry all types of laundry in a short space of time, treating the fibres with care and always guaranteeing the best result.


UVA rays, wind and excessive heat can damage fabrics, fading the colours and damaging the fibres. The new tumble dryers know how to take care of all fabrics with specific, personalised programs that can treat even the most delicate garments, drying and regenerating them.



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