10 Best Water Filters in Malaysia (2020) For Clean Water

best water filter in Malaysia

For anyone living in Malaysia, it always makes sense to pay close attention to your water. Water is an essence of life, and it plays a key role in helping us all to stay fit, healthy, and in good physical condition. However, given the condition of water in Malaysia, it can be quite the challenge to get healthy drinking water.

To help you make sure that you can avoid that problem in the future, we have put together a simple, effective list of what we believe are the top ten best water filters in Malaysia for clean water.

So, what filters make the best investment for you personally?

The Top 10 Best Water Filters in Malaysia

3M CTM-01 SE water filter

1. 3M CTM-01 SE Countertop Drinking Water Filter

  • Manufactured from FDA CFR-21-compliant material
  • Easy cartridge replacement within 10 seconds
  • Dual-installation options: countertop or wall-mounted
  • Unique blend component that minimizes bacterial growth in the filter media

Starting with one of the most reputable names and models on the market, the 3M CTM-01 SE Countertop Drinking Water Filter is a fantastic starting point.

Capable of producing your water with filtration down to 0.5 microns, this is easily installed at home using a countertop or wall-mounted system to get it installed, fitted into place, and working for you on a daily basis.

Another nice benefit of this model is that is has been proven to help eradicate the growth of bacteria. This helps to make sure that you don’t have that problem any longer, which can be common in causing illness and upset stomachs in Malaysians. If you are looking for a way to make sure you can consistently produce smell-free, taste-free, sediment-free water then you should take a look at this CTM-01 SE Countertop Drinking Water Filter by 3M.

As one of the most reputed names in the industry, 3M has become one of the best suppliers for water filters in Malaysia. The consistent nature of their appliances ensures that you should have no problem at all in getting the help that you need when it comes to drinking water at home that you know is 100% safe for your own consumption.

Definitely one of the premium water filtration systems for Malaysians, and one we would recommend wholeheartedly.

Customer reviews for 3M CTM-01 SE Countertop Drinking Water Filter

Product arrived just within two days. Though I need a faucet adaptor as my kitchen faucet is of different size than 3M’s, I managed to install it within few minutes after getting a faucet adaptor. 3M also provides extra six months extra warranty when you register on their website. seller is responsive and I’m happy. Overall, it’s good.

Jon N.

Hi There I am thrilled to report the item arrived safe and sound and is doing its job, driving my item. Thank you very.

XAMMAX’s customer from Shopee

2. Panasonic Water Purifier TK-CS20

  • Non-woven fabric and powdered activated carbon work together to provide clean water
  • Cartridge life checker
  • 95% residual chlorine
  • 6 litre/min filtering capacity

Very impressive and thorough in its strength, the TK-CS20 water filter from Panasonic is a wise place to look. It offers one of the largest per minute capacities that you will find, capable of filtering a whopping 6l of water in a single minute.

Capable of removing 95% of residual chlorine in your water, this is a great filter to use if you are looking for a space-saving solution that packs plenty of water filtration capacity into the design.

You will find that this water filter leaves you with every opportunity that you need to give you and your family a safe, simple solution. Capable of clearing your water of just about all major diseases that float around in our water, it also uses a powdered activated charcoal to further strengthen and purify our water. This is why if you are looking for a solution that can handle mass quantities of water then you should take a look at this particular model.

Easy to use and highly effective, this water filter should remove much of the challenge associated with running a safe, sound water system at home. It’s small enough to fit into even the smallest of kitchen spaces, too!

Customer reviews for Panasonic Water Purifier TK-CS20

Good product, i’ve been using the smaller size for almost 7 years. now bought a bigger one. My wife said a bit big for 4 family members. i do appreciate the indicator function.

Nabil F.

Cuckoo VIVID

3. Cuckoo VIVID

  • Antibacterial stainless-steel water tank
  • Hot water temperature indicator
  • Individual hot button switch
  • Child lock safety feature

When it comes to finding the kind of water filter in Malaysia that is suited to the challenges of your home, start here. The Cuckoo VIVID has become immensely popular among those who have a water filter ned at home because it is such a simple solution.

Many pick the VIVID as it allows for the easiest management of water that is hot, which is a big thing in many Malaysian homes.

The stainless steel of the water tank makes sure that it won’t start rusting and eroding on you. Meanwhile, the addition of a child safety lock means that you can have total confidence that your kids aren’t going to put themselves or anyone else at risk. The modern, minimalistic design makes this a must-use for anyone who is on the lookout for a water filter that is easy to use, takes little time to master, and provides you with all of the opportunity that you could need for a fair price.

The hot water button and the fact that it comes with a temperature indicator also allows you to easily make sure that your water is not only clean, but it is entirely safe for your own consumption later.

Customer reviews for Cuckoo VIVID

No reviews yet.

Coway P07IU Water Purifier

4. Coway P07IU Water Purifier

  • Multi-step filtration technology
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Compact size
  • East installation

A very useful all-purpose water purifier, we would highly recommend the Coway P07IU water purifier as a useful water filter in Malaysia.

It is a good starting place if you are dealing with large quantities of water, as it is capable of handling as much as 4l of water in a single given minute.

Also, the fact that it comes without a power source means that installation is a piece of cake, and the compact, minimalistic nature means that you don’t have to worry about it taking up an excessive amount of room back at home. A good and simple choice for numerous reasons, we highly recommend that you take a look at this purifier thanks to its thorough 3-stage filtration process.

The impressive quality of the filter means that it can give you an excellent starting place, and the sheer power of the filter means that even those in a medium-to-large sized family home might find that this filter can do the job that you need.

A solid, effective starting point that should give you as much as 4l of water per minute, maximizing the quantity of water produced and the quality all at once. A very wise investment indeed.

Customer reviews for Coway P07IU Water Purifier

The filter that included in this unit is a microfilter which helps to remove chlorine, dust and sand. I will use UF (Ultra Filtration) filter in the upcoming replacement, which filters bacteria.

Mohd S.

Good value for money. Nice sleek design, does not take much space. Easy to install. Fast water flow

Hanis K.

Diamond Classic

5. Diamond Classic

  • Two-way diverters allow switching between tap water or filtered water
  • Repollution-proof filters
  • Easy filter replacement
  • LCD one-touch control

The name might imply something that is outdated, but that could be not be further from the truth. The Diamond Classic is a hugely popular water filter in Malaysia, providing users with everything they might need to enjoy a higher standard of life moving forward.

The Diamond Classic is a hugely popular choice for numerous reasons, but the fact that it comes with an easy to use water filter cartridge replacement makes it a popular pick. This is one of the most popular filters across Malaysia, gaining a huge reputation as a reliable, catch-all solution that should work well in just about any environment that you include it within.

Weighing just 11kg even filled with water, this is a mobile and easy to use water filter that should be easily fitted to where you need it. It has a water filtration volume as high as 1.5l per minute, with a water pressure of around 40PSI. This makes it a very popular choice for numerous reasons, not least the fact that it can easily manage and handle water pressures as high as 60PSI if needed.

A useful, effective choice particularly for those looking for a model with a reputation across the continent.

Customer reviews for Diamond Classic

No reviews yet.

6. Elken Bio Pure K-200

  • Pre-sediment filter to prolong the filter and membrane lifespan
  • Organic granular activated carbon pre-filter to remove chlorine and other chemicals
  • Hands-free water dispenser
  • No Questions Asked (NQA) policy for 3 months

Capable of producing both hot and cold water, the Elken Bio Pure K-200 is one of the most popular water filters in Malaysia. It works well for various reasons, not least the fact that it comes with an excellently sized reservoir that can contain numerous litres of water all at once. It comes with a hot and normal reservoir, too, making it easy to store water for when it is needed.

By using a 5-stage reverse osmosis system, this purifies the water by using a patented system that is bespoke to Elken hardware. The contaminants removed are numerous, and it can get rid of viruses that reach as small as 0.001 microns. This helps you to know that you are using a modern, robust system that is capable of providing a unique water filtration system for Malaysians.

If you take water purification very seriously and want something that you know will 100% keep you safe, then this is without doubt one of the wisest investments that you could make today. Improve water quality whilst maximising quantity with the help of this reliable, effective water solution that should absolutely deliver the utmost in return on investment for any Malaysian buyer.

Customer reviews for Elken Bio Pure K-200

No reviews yet.

Bacfree Smart Water Purifier

7. Bacfree Watero

  • Zero installation
  • Pre-activated carbon filter to reduce chlorine, odour, bacteria and heavy metals
  • Instant hot water
  • UV (Ultraviolet) disinfection

If your aim is to buy a technologically sound option for your water purifier, then we recommend that you come and take a look here. The Bacfree Watero is easily one of the smartest investments that you could make today. Easy to use and very effective, this smart water purifier is just what you need to help make water purified smartly, simply, and swiftly.

A 5-step water purification process is always useful, and this takes as many steps as is needed to get your water as close to 100% pure as is possible. Users who need various water temperatures will like this, too, as you can pick from a series of five set temperatures. Now, you can easily set your water temperature to a volume that is safe, easy to use, and very much suitable for everyone in the home to be using.

Anything nice benefit of using this product is the fact that it is Halal-certified. If you are someone who takes this seriously, then we highly recommend that you look to use the Bacfree Watero. It does the job that you need for a good price, maximising return on investment and providing ample longevity.

Customer reviews for Bacfree Watero

Watero was my choice ever since it was launched. It integrates the UF version which I like more than RO membrane. Easy to use. It replaced my countertop water filter, kettle and water jugs etc with only this one elegant unit.


Great water filter for small family. It integrates water filter, thermos pot, kettle and water container with just one unit. The container is a little small at 3 liter though. Hopefully the unit can last long. It fulfils my requirements and considered a good product.

Tam S.

Joven JP200 Water Filter

8. Joven JP200 Water Filter

  • Easy installation
  • 2 selector valve to switch between filtered or unfiltered water
  • 3-layer non-woven fabric filter and powdered activated carbon eliminates chlorine, rust, sediment, turbidity and odour
  • Stainless steel outlet pipe

When you are using a water filtration system, one thing you want to guarantee is water cleanliness and care. With the Joven JP200 water filter, though, you are buying a product that helps to maximize water care and conditioning.

By providing you with some of the freshest tasting water in the country, this is an easy to use filter that can be turned on and off with a few simple presses of a button.

Users tend to find that the fact this so strongly removes rust and sediment from the water makes it improve healthiness right away. However, chlorine and odour is still common within water even when using other filters – this, though, help to remove the presence of all of these factors!

This will ensure that you are left with a water filter that helps to keep the water clean, simple, and easy for you to use time and time again. The fact that it can be turned on and off means that you can still use unfiltered water for things like washing dishes and cleaning up, whilst keeping the ‘good’, filtered water for the water that you will actually drink.

Overall, an excellent investment for any health-conscious individual.

Customer reviews for Joven JP200 Water Filter

The downside is that pressure is quite low, so you cannot open the tap too big when filtering water. Also, the non-filtered tap sprays the water everywhere though. When washings dishes the water splash on the entire kitchen sink.

Leon L.

We use this water filter for our new house. At the time of writing, all existing residents have not died yet since using water from this product. It tastes like real water. Thank you for keeping us alive.

Khairul J.

3M Outdoor Water Filter AP902

9. 3M Whole House Water Filter System AP902

  • NSF certified – Top standard in water filter industry
  • Manufactured from FDA CFR-21-compliant material
  • 304 stainless steel head and die-cast zinc locking latch
  • Easy cartridge replacement

Hugely popular with many people, the AP902 whole house water filter from 3M makes fitting an outdoor filter even easier than before. Many users prefer an outdoor filtration system as it acts as “The Desired First Line of Defense“.

Add in a 1-year lifespan for the filter on average, and this is the kind of outdoor water filter that you don’t have to worry about losing efficacy and performance anytime soon.

Also, the easy to change nature of the cartridges ensures that the AP902 is a worthwhile investment for those short on time. Changing the cartridge in other models can be a needless time consumer, but this helps you to make sure that you can change the water without any of the usual messing around you might have expected.

Add in the fact that it is such a useful solution for getting rid of sediments, even those as small as 0.5 microns, and there are various reasons why this outdoor water filter might just be the ideal starting point for most Malaysians.

In terms of price, the space it takes up, and long-term maintenance, this is one of the best options for a water filter in Malaysia on the market.

Customer reviews for 3M Whole House Water Filter System AP902

Been using 3M AP902 outdoor filter since last month and water quality has significantly improved. No more visible white watermark sighted on sink. Fast shipment by XAMMAX! Note: DIY installation.

Jason T.

I’ve been using this 3M outdoor filter for a few weeks now. There is no decrease in the water flow. The design is neat and small, unlike the space-consuming filters I see in my neighbours’ houses. No backwash needed. Just set and forget until cartridge replacement after 1 year or so. There is an installation charge but the installer is highly professional. XAMMAX is the top choice when it comes to 3M water filters.

Thong B.

Tankless LG PuriCare Water Purifier

10. LG Tankless PuriCare Water Purifier

  • Tankless purification
  • 180˚ Rotating Tap
  • Provides hot and cold water
  • Ergonomic touch display

When it comes to receiving safe and pure water to drink, this LG PuriCare option is a fine starting point.

This has been designed to give you a tankless solution that provides easy access to ambient water. The slim, smooth design ensures that this can fit into most households and commercial settings without looking out of place or taking up an excessive amount of room.

It comes highly recommended for various reasons, though the inclusion of an ergonomic touchscreen display helps to improve usability from the off. For users who are looking for a simple to use water filter, this is a fine starting place. The 3-stage filtration ensures that your water is going to come out as clear and as safe to use as it should be for you every single time.

A reliable and easy to use filter, this makes an affordable choice for all manner of reasons. Definitely a useful option for those needing a minimally-sized filter.

Customer reviews for LG Tankless PuriCare Water Purifier

No reviews yet.

Which water filter should you go for?

So, the challenge that you now face is that all of the above options provide you with a quality water filter in Malaysia. Each offer makes sense, provides you with an excellent variety of options, and should maximise your water quality.

However, we do recommend that you look at one model in particular that is listed above: the 3M CTM-01 SE Countertop Drinking Water Filter. The reasons are simple, but we want you to understand why we believe that this is the ideal model.

Based on what we mentioned above, we feel that this is the ideal water filter in Malaysia for most people in search of a model they can use.

Easy to use, effective to work with, and reliable in the extreme: there are numerous reasons why this is viewed as one of the best water filters in the country.

Just some reasons why we consider this among the top water filters in Malaysia include:

  • The 3M CTM-01-SE is an NSF certified product. This means that it has undergone testing and revision from one of the most respected names within the industry. Not only does this mean that your water filter is safe to use, it ensures that it is designed to the highest international standard.
  • 3M is a well-respected brand, and arguably the most well-known brand in the world for quality water filtration. The brand is among the most stories and is widely used in the healthcare and commercial industries across the United States, as well as in various sectors across Malaysia.
  • The technology used, the IMPACTechnology, UV Lamp Filtration, and Carbon Block Technology, all help to keep the water filtration provided to the very highest standards.
  • By using a Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) system, this also helps to make sure that replacing your water filter cartridge is as easy as it should be. Compared to other brands, it’s cheap in cost and time.

So, if you are looking to invest in a water filter in Malaysia, you should look to invest in the 3M CTM-01-SE model listed above. It is, in our view, the best deal on the market for Malaysians looking for quality, safe water filtration.

Malaysia Best Water Filters FAQ

🏆 What is the best water filter brand in Malaysia?

If you take NSF certification, technology, and the ease of cartridge replacement, 3M would be the perfect choice.

💧 Are water filters same as water purifiers?

These two terms are used interchangeably but generally, a water purifier is more powerful in terms of treating the water.

💰 How much does water filters generally priced at?

It depends on the water filter types. A common undersink water filter would cost around RM750, while a hot cold water dispenser might cost RM3000. You should also consider the cost of cartridge in long term.

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