Bosch Front Load Washer WAK20060SG

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Bosch Front Load Washer WAK20060SG

7 kg - 1000rpm
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Capacity 7kg
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) 1000rpm
Color White
Loading Type Front Loading
Intensive Key Extra Rinse
Start Delay Time N/A
Water Consumption (L) 53 Litres
Washer Performance N/A
Spin Drying Performance C
Connection Rating 2300W
Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) -
Energy Efficiency Class N/A
Dimension H850 x W600 x D600 mm
Product Origin Germany
Standard Warranty 2 Years
Motor Warranty 2 Years
Condition 100% Authentic New Stock

Product Description


Washing Machine

All you need to do to achieve perfect dosing: switch on the washing machine.

Automatic programs

How do you obtain perfect washing results? Simply press the start button. With the two automatic programs for normal or sensitive wash loads, the new HomeProfessional i-DOS takes care of everything else on its own. The necessary amount of detergent is dosed automatically and the wash process is optimally adjusted to the demands of the particular wash load.

Convenience and flexibility

The i-DOS intelligent automatic dosing system is fully integrated into the washing machine. The larger i-DOS tank holds 1.3 liters of liquid detergent, the smaller of the two 0.5 liters of fabric conditioner or a second liquid detergent (e.g. for colored laundry). This reserve is sufficient for an average of 20 wash loads*/**. You can, of course, add detergent manually as before, if for instance you need to use a special detergent, washing powder or bleaching agents. The tanks are not only easy and convenient to fill, they can also be effortlessly removed for emptying or cleaning purposes.


To let you into a little secret, some employees here at Bosch must be the world’s greatest sticklers for thoroughness. Which is quite a good thing, because they work in our quality assurance department. Following the principle of “control is good, Bosch is better” they scrutinize everything, and we really mean everything, meticulously. If they could, they would probably drop in on you at home just to make sure everything is as it should be. Have no fear, though, we have already built in continuous quality control into the HomeProfessional series. Intelligent sensors continuously monitor the wash process and automatically regulate all washing machine settings. So we can always guarantee you premium home laundry care.


At last a washing machine that does everything right automatically.

A HomeProfessional always knows what it‘s doing.

A large number of intelligent sensors located inside the washing machine monitor the entire wash process. On the basis of the various measuring results, all processes in the washing machine are automatically regulated so that premium washing results are always guaranteed with the lowest consumption rates. Or you could say that at any time the HomeProfessional knows the answers to the most important questions during the wash process:

How much laundry is in the washing machine?

The load sensor detects how much laundry is in the drum. This information is important later on when exactly dosing the required quantity of detergent.

What kind of fabrics are being washed?

The intelligent ActiveWaterTM technology uses two sensors to ensure that not a single drop of water is wasted. The water level sensor measures how long it takes the laundry to soak up the water and also how much is soaked up. This allows it to determine what type of fabrics are to be washed in the automatic programs*. Cotton, for instance, soaks up more water than light synthetic textiles. So the washing machine can also answer the next question:

How much water is necessary?

The second sensor featured in the ActiveWaterTM technology, the flow rate sensor, knows at any given time how much water has been supplied to the drum. Taking the results of the water level sensor into account, it determines exactly how many rinse cycles are still required. However, to make sure that low consumption rates are coupled with top cleaning results, some additional pieces of information are necessary:

How soiled is the laundry?

AquaSensor continuously scans the water in the washing machine and knows exactly when the laundry is clean. Using this information, it controls the number of rinse cycles without using too much water. It also provides key data for what is probably the most important question:

How much detergent is necessary?

The i-DOS dosage sensor* monitors the dosing pump. Along with the information from the other sensor, it directly adjusts dosing of the liquid detergent down to the last millimeter via the precision dosing pump.

Is the drum rotating smoothly?

The 3D sensor makes sure that the laundry is always washed evenly. It detects where the wash load is and returns it to the center of the drum if the latter is out-of-balance. Regular drum action is not only kind to your laundry, but also to your washing machine.


EcoSilence Drive™


We developed one of the most powerful motors for the HomeProfessional: the EcoSilence Drive™, with extremely strong permanent magnets.


Friction generates heat, which is bad for the motor. With the new and innovative brushless design concept, the EcoSilence Drive™ neither heats up nor wears out. Moreover, as actions speak louder than words, we guarantee it. For the next ten years.


The HomeProfessional with EcoSilence Drive sets a new benchmark in economy: A+++. This means that it is up to 32 %* more economical than an energy efficiency class A-rated appliance. After all, without carbon brushes no more inhibiting friction is generated in the motor. Therefore, the EcoSilence Drive can use its full power to drive the washing machine without any energy losses.


As there is no friction from carbon brushes, there is also no excessive motor noise. That makes the EcoSilence DriveTM one of the quietest motors in its class and the best example that less can indeed be more.


Soft, softer, HomeProfessional.

The VarioSoft™ drum guarantees premium washing results.

With its unique raindrop structure, the VarioSoft drum always adapts perfectly to every situation. Two different drum actions are used depending on the wash program. In one direction, the flat sides of the rain droplets are extremely soft on fine textiles. If the drum rotates in the opposite direction, the steep sides ensure intensive cleaning for heavily soiled garments.

Your favorite items of clothing are treated with the care they deserve.

The glass of the special asymmetrically curved porthole softly projects into the VarioSoft drum. It gently returns washing back into the center of drum on each rotation, thus ensuring even circulation. This is ideal both in terms of washing results and extra care for your favorite items of clothing.

It even takes the chore out of ironing for you.

In the large VarioSoft drum there is enough space for 8 kg of washing to spread out loosely. This, and the specially shaped paddles which gently guide and agitate the washing, ensure that your garments are far less creased. And that, of course, makes them easier to iron.


HomeProfessional has the right solution for every stain.

Automatic stain removing option

The automatic stain removing option targets and removes the 16 most common stains. The washing machine automatically adjusts the temperature, drum action and soaking time to the type of stain before the selected wash program is started.

The 16 most common stains:

Baby food, blood, butter/oil, egg, soil/sand, grass, coffee, cosmetics, grape juice, chocolate, dirty socks, perspiration, tea, tomatoes, oranges, strawberries


With VarioPerfect you can add the SpeedPerfect or EcoPerfect options to practically all programs to either save more time or energy.


Special programs*


A higher water level, extra rinse cycles and a high temperature (e.g. 60° C) wash away any detergent residues left in the laundry for exceptional hygienic cleaning. Good news for people with sensitive skin.


Down feathers are optimally moistened and washed gently. Down quilts also have ample room in the large VarioSoft drum.


Specially designed to quickly wash sweaty sportswear and functional clothing. Short program run, as only brief washing and rinsing phases are necessary.


This program is ideal for 2 kg of shirts and blouses. Particularly gentle spinning makes ironing effortless. No-iron shirts can simply be hung up and that’s it.


Washes 2 kg of slightly soiled textiles in just 15 minutes – complete with main wash, rinsing and spinning.


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