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  • Bosch PBD7251MS
  • Bosch PBD7251MS


Bosch Gas Hob PBD7251MS

4.0kW / 4.0kW - Stainless Steel
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Number of Burners 2
Flame Rating (kW) Left 4.0kW, Right 4.0kW
Cooktop Type Stainless Steel
Control Type Knob
Pan Support Type Cast Iron
Safety Device Flame-fail Protection
Ignition Type Electric Ignition
Cut-out Size W700 x D400mm
Dimension W760 x D460mm
Product Origin Germany
Standard Warranty 2 Years
Condition 100% Authentic New Stock


Cleans and polishes stainless steel, chrome surfaces to a high gloss.

Removes and trap dust. No scratch.

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Product Description



  • Precise-flame burner, safe and quick ignition
  • Satisfy different cooking requirement
  • Preset Nozzle: Liquid gas
  • Pure brass burners
  • Voltage: 220-240V

Gas rings hard to ignite
The ignitor is located under the burner cap. If the cap has become slightly displaced the ignitor may not spark. Check that all caps are properly located.
Ignition will be quicker if a pan is in place. Ignite with the gas at full and once alight turn down to around 50%, it should lock on within 6 seconds.

Ignition spark continues to operate
This can be caused by the ignition actuator sticking down due to the ingress of grease or debris, the ignitor block within the body of the hob becoming short-circuited by a fault or more frequently by the ingress of water due to over enthusiastic cleaning of the hob or water boiling over onto the hob top and entering the appliance. If it has been caused by water ingress the problem will cure itself once the hob dries out, otherwise you will require a qualified engineer to dismantle the appliance and effect a repair. On no account attempt to dismantle a gas appliance unless you are suitably qualified.

Cleaning aluminium burner rings
Remember that hobs are cooks tools and as such will deteriorate with use. Cooking inherently involves the heating of foodstuffs, many of which have a fatty content, and when fat lands on a hot surface it will burn on very quickly. Even water will tend to burn on to the aluminium burner rings and leave a brown mark. The most effective way of cleaning these burners is to ensure the food residue is cleaned off as soon as practical after cooking, before the grease deposits are allowed to burn back on. These burners should be soaked in a solution of warm soapy water (overnight), extra stubborn stains may then be removed with the use of a cream cleaner such as Cif. These may be applied using a green nylon scourer or a stainless steel scourer such as the ones produced by Scotchbrite (the 3M company).

Cleaning cast iron pan supports
Frequently scrubbing the supports is very effective but you can also use Cif. Do make sure that the supports are thoroughly dried after cleaning to prevent rusting.


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