fujiohFujioh was set up in 1993 specialising in home kitchen appliances. Fujioh Oil Tech series is specially designed with oily Asian cooking in mind. The range of high performance and effective cooker hoods remove a remarkably high percentage of greasy fumes from the air and leave your kitchen beautifully clean and grease-free.

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Fujioh Malaysia: Buy Fujioh Hood, Hob, Appliances Online

Set up in 1993, Fujioh specializes in home kitchen appliances and aims to serve consumers in Asia and other parts of the world. The home appliance brand is a subsidiary of Fuji Industrial. It originally follows the design philosophy that Fuji Industrial came up with, but subsequently developed their own.  Fujioh aims to provide a whole range of kitchen equipment in order to improve the lives of its customers.

In 1993, Fujioh set up a branch in Singapore to cater to the growing demand in Asia. In 2011, another branch was set up in Shanghai to serve the China market. Currently, Fujioh is operating in 7 countries – Brunei, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.



Fujioh focuses on the quality and efficiency of their products. They address their customers’ needs by providing ease of usage of their products and comfort in using them. Fujioh is committed to enriching the lives of their customers while using high-quality materials from Japan.


Products in Ariafina are designed the Italian way while using Japan’s high-quality materials. This brand is a result of the combination of a high-end Italian-design cooker hood manufacturer, Elica Corporation, and Fuji Industrial.

With these two market leaders combining their efforts, it is no doubt that their products have a unique identity and the demand for them is always high.

Product Range

Fujioh products range from hood, to hob, to oven. Their products are designed to bring convenience to users while making it efficient, practical, and functional. Below are some of their popular products.

Hood / FJSS – 900

One of their more popular hoods is FJS – 900. This stainless-steel hood is ultra-thin and is made with a noise reduction feature. This hood is suited for those who love to eat Asian cuisines, yet find it a chore to clean the greasy and dirty kitchen after cooking.

Other notable features include an oil catch tray, removable rectifier panel, LED light, and the cutting-edge technology used in this product.

Gas Hob / FG – 3773

This gas hob works perfectly with Fujioh Oil Tech Control Hood. This is designed to blend into the modern design of your kitchen while maintaining its practicality. Features of this include: high-grade stainless-steel body, rust-resistance material, powerful and controllable flame, battery ignition, deluxe ignition, gas valve, and safety valve.

The safety valve will cut off the gas supply when the flame is extinguished by accident. With this feature, it will decrease the likelihood of an accident and promote peace of mind. On the other hand, a gas valve is made of brass material and it is the latest technology incorporated for instant flame.

Fujioh Oil Tech Series

Products in this series were designed while keeping the idea of oily Asian cooking at the back of the head. This range of products have a high performance and are effective in what they are meant to achieve. For instance, the cooker hoods will remove a high percentage of greasy fumes in the air after frying a dish. This will keep your kitchen clean and non-greasy.