Since 2007, GRüBEL has been at the forefront, providing wine storage, both for the F&B and individual wine collectors, a brand trusted by the wine distribution fraternity. Make the right choice to store your precious wine in pristine condition. Select from wide GRüBEL range of wine storage cabinets.

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For years, our approach was simple: we placed our wines on floor racks, keeping them away from direct light and heat. We enjoyed their presence and consumed them before they faced any harm. The concept of purchasing wine for the purpose of storing it didn’t cross our minds. However, as our understanding of wine deepened, so did our recognition of the necessity for proper storage.

Wine is a living, dynamic entity that evolves, much like a person progressing through stages of infancy, maturity, and old age. Some wines mature rapidly, while others require years to integrate their elements harmoniously. Although savoring slightly young wines can be delightful, there’s a realization that they had the potential for much greater quality.

Since then, enthusiasts and experts in the world of wine have come a long way in grasping the significance of proper wine storage.

Since 2007, GRüBEL has stood at the forefront, offering top-tier wine storage solutions to both the food and beverage industry and individual wine collectors. It’s a brand esteemed by the wine distribution community.

Opt for the smart choice of safeguarding your valuable wines in impeccable condition. Explore the diverse range of wine storage cabinets from GRüBEL.