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Buying Rubine Hood, Oven, Hob and other Appliances in Malaysia

With a wide range of home appliances on their product line, Rubine designs their products with the aim of making their customers’ bathrooms and kitchens perfect. Over the past years, Rubine has combined new technologies with their innovation, resulting in them taking the lead in the industry.

Today, Rubine has become a reputable brand for kitchen and bathroom appliances and accessories. Consumers can rest assured that Rubine’s product will be of the best innovation, quality, and efficiency.


Consumers can rest assured that Rubine’s products are produced using the latest technology. They made sure that their products are designed with the latest technologies to bring the best performance to the users, allowing users to have a more convenient and better living environment.


Alongside the well-designed products, Rubine places an emphasis on the quality as well. They aspire to be the “leader in the change (of a new trend)” by providing users with more than satisfactory products.


One main feature of Rubine’s products is its energy efficiency. In order to achieve this, they made use of their technological innovations to increase the potential of their products. As a result, the quality of life will be improved and it will be more convenient overall.

Product Line

Rubine’s high-quality product line includes ceiling fans, indoor & outdoor water filter, kitchen hob, kitchen hood, kitchen sinks, built-in oven, built-in microwave oven, faucet, mirror cabinet, shower accessories, taps, bathroom sink, bathroom furniture, instant water heater, shower furniture, and bathroom accessories.

New & Popular Products


An arched kitchen hood is relatively rare among. This model of a kitchen hood is made with stainless steel and black tempered glass and has a suction power of 1200m3/h. Not only that, the control panel operates by the sensor and it has an oil trap within it as well. Other features include delay timer, lamp, charcoal filter, and an extraction speed level of 3.


With a capacity of 28 litres, this is one of the newest products of Rubine’s oven line. This model is a built-in microwave oven with the grill function. It also has an electronic control, safety lock, LCD display, timer control, and 30 seconds quick start function. The microwave operates at 1,450 watts while the grill operates at 1,100 watts.


Among all Rubine’s hobs, this model is the most popular. This electric ceramic hob has a power level of 9 and it is made of Schott Ceran Glass. Some features of this include: sensor touch control panel, timer, safety lock, overheat protection, residual heat warning indicator, safety & environment protection, and EGO heating element.

RWI – 9000

RWI-9000 is an alkaline ionizer which can help to filter out bacteria using the bacteria guard in it. It is also long-lasting with a stainless steel colour casing. Additionally, the product comes with a one-year international manufacturer warranty.

Rubine Reviews and Products at XAMMAX

Rubine appliances are of the highest quality and efficiency. They also incorporate new technologies into their products as much as possible so as to better improve the quality of life of the users.

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