TUSCANI, a distinguished label for culinary devices within Fimaco Sdn Bhd, has established a commendable reputation in the industry for its utilization of cutting-edge wine cooler technology, offering top-notch wine storage solutions.

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Suggestion for Optimal Wine Storage at Home

  • Maintain a steady temperature and humidity level.
  • Lay corked wine bottles flat.
  • Remember that not all wines are suitable for aging; check expiry dates.
  • Shield wine from light and vibrations.
  • Serve at the recommended temperatures: red wine at 12°C – 19°C, and white wine at 8°C – 12°C.

Why Choose Tuscani Wine Coolers?

Maintaining a consistent temperature for natural ageing is essential for the ultimate enjoyment of wines, encompassing their full flavor, aroma, and quality. Tuscani Wine Coolers have advanced temperature control to accommodate your wine storage requirements precisely.

Emulate the practices of wine connoisseurs in your storage approach. Tuscani Wine Coolers possess an elegant yet robust aesthetic, available in both freestanding and built-in installation options.

Wines exude a cool, enigmatic aura, thriving in darkness. Crafted with UV-protected toughened glass doors, Tuscani Wine Coolers ensure energy efficiency while safeguarding wines from light exposure.

Wines shy away from confined spaces. The design of Tuscani Wine Coolers is functional and practical, featuring adjustable shelves made of solid beech wood to optimize wine storage.

Wines flourish when allowed to age gracefully. Thanks to its no-frost cooling system and low-vibration compressor, Tuscani Wine Coolers create an environment conducive to steady maturation, maintaining precise humidity and temperature levels.