Zenso, established in Malaysia, specializes in providing high quality electrical products such as switches, sockets, track line and etc.

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Zenso’s primary goal is to deliver top-tier products with a well-balanced pricing framework, tailored to meet our clients’ needs. A strong focus on quality, design, and innovation underpins their approach. Every innovative product is thoughtfully crafted with people and their needs at the forefront. Zenso’s product range has garnered significant global acclaim for its quality assurance. Their accolades encompass certifications such as the IEC International Standard, Malaysia SIRIM Accreditation, and the esteemed Singapore Safety Mark recognition.

Zline Power Line Installation Guide


How many adapters can be accommodated on the track?

  • For the 600mm track – 5 adapters
  • For the 800mm track – 7 adapters
  • For the 1000mm track – 9 adapters

What distinguishes the Normal and Concealed Types?
The Normal Type is designed for direct surface installation, such as on a wall.

The Concealed Type is meant to be recessed or embedded in the surface, achieving a flush appearance with the wall or table.

What’s the shortest available length for Z.Line power track?
We offer customization for Z.Line power tracks with a minimum length of 350mm, capable of accommodating 2 adapters.

Is the incoming wiring terminal positioned on the right or left side?
Z.Line power tracks feature terminals on both sides, granting users the flexibility to connect from either the right or left side.

Is compatibility possible with other brands?
No, Zenso Adaptors are exclusively designed for use with Z.Line power tracks to ensure safety.

Can I power kitchen appliances like microwaves and kettles with Z.Line power track?
Each adapter can withstand a current limit of 13A. Additionally, the entire Z.Line power track can support a total of 32A and 8000W.

I require a 2000mm Z.Line track for a specific space. Is this available?
The standard maximum length for a Z.Line track is 1000mm. However, we offer a special connector that enables the extension to meet your specific length requirement.