Brandt Hood FHBO390XC + Brandt Gas Hob TG1482B + Brandt Oven FE1011XS

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Brandt Hood FHBO390XC + Brandt Gas Hob TG1482B + Brandt Oven FE1011XS

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Brandt Gas Hob TG1482B

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Brandt Gas Hob TG1482B

Brandt Oven FE1011XS

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Brandt Oven FE1011XS
RM 4,880.00

Product Description

Brandt Gas Hob TG1482B


Number of Burners 2
Flame Rating (kW) Left : 4.5KW - Right : 4.5KW
Cooktop Type Black Tempered Glass
Control Type Frontal Knobs Control
Pan Support Type Enamel
Safety Device Thermocouple Safety Device
Ignition Type Battery Ignition
Cut-out Size H60 x W710 x D410mm
Dimension H60 x W800 x D450mm
Product Origin France
Standard Warranty 2 Years
Condition 100% Authentic New Stock

Why choose a Brandt Gas hobs?

Thermocouple is the safety which cuts automatically the gas inlet if the flame goes out.

For variety of the range: Glass or enamel, gas or electric, with 2, 4 or 5 heating zones that are 30 or 60 cm or 75 cm, in white, black, stainless steel coloured or mirror, Brandt hobs offer you infinite possibilities so that you can find the model that's just right for you.

For quality cooking: All gas hobs use a different power for each burner size to meet your needs, from the gentlest simmering on the 1000 W auxiliary cooking zone to the most powerful 3,000 W Super Fast cooking zone. Also benefit the performance of the Triple Crown zone of 3,800 W to cook quickly in a large saucepan.

For convenient use: What can be more enjoyable than cooking with gas? With the integrated burnerignition system, the burners light themselves.

For total safety: So that you can cook with complete peace of mind, Brandt gas hobs come with a thermocouple safety unit, which prevents risks of gas leaks should the flame go out accidentally.

The electric hobs are just as safe thanks to a limiter: this safety feature indicated by a red dot on the heating zone prevents all overheating, which could cause damage to the burner.

For design: Purity of lines and practical aesthetic of the new Brandt hobs will make you feel the most basic pleasures of cooking again: the single level grids provide complete stability for all your utensils, while rectangular front handles give you a good grip. The new Horizon collection gets your kitchen space into perspective.

Brandt Oven FE1011XS


Cooking Function 6
Capacity (Litres) 57 Litres
Color Stainless Steel
Control Type Mechanical Knob Controls
Child Lock -
Safety Door -
Cleaning Method Manual
Timer Yes
Connection Rating 2.635KW
Product Dimension H592 x W592 x D600mm
Product Origin France
Standard Warranty 2 Years
Condition 100% Authentic New Stock

- Removable door For easy door cleaning
Easily remove the door by releasing the two hinges that attach it to the oven.

- Pyroclean enamel 
The enamel coating of the oven cavity is characterized by a very high resistance to staining and scratching, and its smoothness makes it easy to clean.

- Safe grill 
An ingenious safety system blocks the shelves horizontally and avoids dangerous spillages. The shelves also have a safety "rail" at the back to avoid tipping the dishe.

Why choose a Brandt Ovens?

Easycook is an automatic cooking system for a professional effect in your dishes.

For stylish design: the new Brandt Horizon oven collection has a very contemporary design. For every taste, the range comes in many different forms that combine aesthetics and ergonomics. The elegant handle and the assorted knobs offer perfect control and its backlit display gives optimal readability.

For accurate cooking results: almost the whole range has electronic temperature control for total cooking control. The Brandt recipe: temperature precision, perfect air circulation control inside the cavity, which keeps your food moist, uniformly cooks it and perfectly distributes temperature.

For successful cooking: Easycook or assisted cooking mode, Brandt ovens ensure that your dishes will be a hit by automatically managing all settings or by recommending the appropriate temperature. Discover the new function for making crunchy pizzas.

For convenient use: to look in on your cooking, no need to open the door. The large front glass offers a panoramic view of the oven's interior and lighting minimize any shadow on your preparations. The screen gives you information feedback on your specific settings while displaying the time.

For functionality: the equipment in Brandt ovens is complete and cleverly meets all your needs. The turnspit, maxi drip tray, anti-tipping safety grid—everything fits perfectly into the insulated enamelled cavity to curb energy loss and the temperature of the outer oven walls.



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