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Above the hob or burner you have what is called the hood. This allows for proper ventilation when you're cooking foods in your kitchen. It can remove smoke, steam, and it helps to trap oils with the screen. It keeps the odours and waste from moving around inside your residence.

There are two basic types of hoods you can buy. There is wall mounted which includes auto-clean hood, canopy hood, chimney hood and slim hood; and the other is ceiling mounted hood which includes island hood.

  • Chimney Hood
    This type of hood is one of the most common used by Malaysians. This one comes with a metal filter which is used to filter the oils released from cooking. You can easily clean this filter by putting it in the dishwasher or you cаn just hand wash the filter.
  • Auto-Clean Hood
    This type of hood is powerful as it has high extraction. This hood will clean its motor automatically. The auto cleaning was designed keeping in mind the Asian cuisine.
  • Slim and Canopy Hood
    To save space you might want to go with a slim style of hood. This one will give you more kitchen space to work with. The canopy hood is classic looking hood with a bit of an antique flair so it's good if you're concerned about the décor in your kitchen and want something that looks nice.
  • Island Hood
    Island hood is usually used in dry kitchen. This type of hood is for modern kitchens and they look great.

Before you buy your hood you need ot consider the power of the hood. You want good extraction power because Malaysian cooking creates a lot of smoke. You want this smoke eliminated from the kitchen and a good hood will be able to do this. Look for extraction power rated at a minimum of 1000m3h.

There are 2 types of installation which is ventilation and recycle.

Ventilation is recommended because this used flexible hose and it ducts outside. This removes heat, steam, smells, and grease with ease. This will save you money because you won't have to buy charcoal filters all the time. Ventilation system is also quiet and more efficient too.

The recycle makes more noise and it may be required in apartments where ventilation systems are disallowed by the property management. It uses metal filters to filter the oil and charcoal filter to reduce the smell.

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