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The oven has chambers that are thermally insulated and is mainly used for baking, drying or heating. The thermocouple temperature sensoring device inside the oven cavity is responsible for communicating the control and functioning of the oven. It is this device that communicates the control about the temperature selected by the user. The Malaysian using the oven can also set the cooking mode.

To select an oven, you must check the number of cooking function offered by the oven. The 900 mm oven will provide you with varying capacity. The capacity may vary from 70 to 87 litres. The top deals from the 900 mm section will provide you oven with numerous functions. Some of the key functions that you must look for are the timer, child lock and the safety door. The oven that you buy from this section must have cooling fan, variable grills. The nominal power for 900 mm oven should be 4.1 Kw and the conventional power should not be more than 1.19 Kw. Some of the standard accessories that are available with the top deals is chrome selves, grill pan and the rotisserie kit.

The 600 mm category has ovens between 50 to 65 litres. The safety doors under this category are of different types. Most models come with 2 layers glass doors. The 4 layer glass doors are considered to be the safest. Apart from that the 600 mm category has double a single glazed door. Grill power of the 600 mm category is between 1500 and 2000 watt.

1) Self-cleaning pyrolytic ground coat: reduces foodstuffs to ash with exposure to temperature up to 500°C, oil splatter, burn all become ash, drop on the tray, after oven cool down just mop.

2) Non-self-cleaning ground coat: Requires aggressive cleaners to remove soils. Both of these ovens have walls coated with heat and acid-resistant porcelain enamel.

3) Catalytic continuous clean enamels: relies on high-metals, porous enamels to catalyze the reduction of soils to ash at normal cooking temperatures.

4) Hydro Clean: Hydroclean eliminates all dirt utilizing only water vapor. And it does so in only twenty four minutes, not exceeding one hundred degrees.

The capacity of the steam oven used in regular household is within 35 litres. This category offers as many as 6 cooking functions. Depending upon the requirement of Malaysian cuisine the cooking functions are defrosting, steaming, heating, steaming, strelising, and reheating.

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