Eubiq was founded in 2000 with the vision of becoming the world leader in the new generation of power outlet system. Eubiq invented and patented the GSS power outlet system in 2000. As the authorized dealer of, XAMMAX offers Eubiq Power Outlet System with full manufacturer's warranty.

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How Eubiq Become the Favourite Power Outlet System for the Malaysians

We all have wished for more power points than the fixed number of power points at our disposal, and the flexibility to add, remove, reposition, twist a power point was a superpower we all hoped for. What if this wish could materialize that too with all the safety precautions in order? Too good to be true? Well, the world's most flexible power outlet system, the Eubiq Power Track, is what you have been yearning for.

While designing or renovating houses, the location and number of power points are always a cause for concern, especially in this day and age when one requires numerous power plugs for the plethora of electrical devices. The quick solution? Power extensions. But it has quite a few problems: not flexible, not extensible, not safe especially around children and highly inconvenient. Plus electrical devices have the possibility to get fired even the switch is off because the plug is contacting the electrical wiring in case of voltage spikes, and this could be hazardous especially for people living in countries like Malaysia, the land of lightning. This is where the Eubiq Power Track comes into the picture. Yes, it comes at a price but is highly convenient and extremely safe.

Eubiq has been striving towards the vision of becoming the world leader in power outlet systems for more than a decade. Founded and manufactured locally in Singapore, their products can now be found in over 40 other countries. This innovative track-based, ultra-flexible and safe power outlet system has been awarded worldwide patents since 2003 and has also won notable awards. The original target audiences were the global corporate industries like hospitals and established businesses, but now, they are expanding their horizons to lure and engage an even wider range of consumers - homeowners. "We found that consumer sales were increasing and consumers made decisions faster than big corporations," said Mr Yong, the inventor, engineer and founder of Eubiq.

"By installing power tracks along the walls of my home I no longer needed to rewire any existing electrical outlets. All I had to do was simply insert an adaptor connecting to the track with a twist-to-lock mechanism, any place along the track and insert a power cord into the adaptor. With this, a power source was accessible anywhere around the house without any need for extension cords." gushes Mrs Wong, a homemaker from Kuala Lumpur.
The System

The extensive range of architecturally versatile tracks is designed for use in a wide range of applications - residential use include kitchens, living rooms, study rooms, floor skirting and many more: commercial use include system furniture, server rooms, display counters, test labs and many more.

Simple steps to add a power point:

How the System Works

Free yourself from the limitations of the conventional system and embrace the freedom of Eubiq - because electrical power is now everywhere you want it to be.

Safest System

GSS (Grounded Sentry Shutter) System is a patented safety feature found in all Power Tracks and the Wall Sockets. It effectively grounds all conductive objects that come into contact with the power track, making it virtually impossible for any hazardous 'shock'. Today, the GSS System is increasingly becoming the platform of choice, delivering all essential services to the end-users. From power, data, communications, lighting, accessories, mounting to cable management and other needs.


Eubiq products are designed to meet all essential international safety standards. They comply to IEC standard, Singapore Standard (SS), India Standard (IS), British Standard (BS), Malaysia Standard (MS), SASO Standard etc, and have been approved for use in various countries like Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, India, UK, Russia, Japan and Australia.

Why Use Eubiq?

  • Revolutionary: Worldwide-patented GSS System which grounds all conductive objects.
  • Safe: Virtually impossible for hazardous 'shocks'.
  • Flexible: Add, remove and reposition power outlets anywhere along the power track.
  • Premium Finishing: Products are designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials and processes.
  • Versatile: Suitable for new-built/renovated/refurbished homes, offices, hospitals, laboratories and more.
  • Warranty: Also provides warranty, 3 years for tracks and 1 year for accessories and adaptors.

Power sockets and power extension cords have always been a sore thumb in decor setups and earlier design concepts have always been about keeping them out of sight. Eubiq is changing that. It no longer attempts to hide the sockets, but rather being bold and affront about it but achieves this by looking much better than traditional power socket. It's truly the world's most flexible power outlet system and the infrastructure platform of the future. Go ahead, free yourself from the limitations of the conventional system and embrace the freedom of Eubiq. Don't take our word for it, try it.

What makes Eubiq a favourite?

In Malaysia, the Eubiq systems are a modern-day household object of desire. Yes, the price remains on the high side and is probably meant for the more affluent folks. The cheap option would be to go with power extensions for pretty much similar functionality. However, the Eubiq does what it sets out to do very well, offers good engineering quality, and has modern-day elegant looks. Homes are an expensive investment, and Eubiq adds certain finesse to your home. Though the price tag is a little hefty but it does beat needing to hack into the walls and compromising the fuses in your electrical mains just to add more sockets.

Coupled with strong safety features and the uniqueness of the product, Eubiq stands out from regular power outlet system and indeed, becomes a favourite choice for Malaysians.