FAGOR is a leading Spanish electrical apliances manufacturer and one of the largest cooperative groups in the world. A market leader in Spain, FAGOR successfully competes throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, USA and Asia. In total, FAGOR is represented in over 100 countries across 5 continents. Fagor Home Appliances (M) Sdn.Bhd. was established in the year 2000. Wholly owned by Fagor Electrodomesticos, S.Coop, Spain; the FAGOR brand has become locally recognised amongst various distribution channels as the market leader in bulit-in home appliances.

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Is it time to retire your old home and cooking appliances that sap too much energy or cost too much money to repair?

Then you need a budget-friendly, reliable, and innovative brand to become your upgrade - a brand like Fagor.

Since 1954, Fagor has gained an immense following around the world.

Now, the brand is available in Malaysia to add both beauty and quality to your home.

The full name of the company is Fagor Electrodomesticos, and is based in Spain.

There, Fagor is known as the fifth largest appliance manufacturer in Europe, the leading appliance fabricator in Spain and France, the most popular induction cooktop producer within the European market.

You can trust the Fagor brand to deliver superior class components for household appliances, cookware and accessories.

If you are in the market for an integrated or semi-integrated dishwasher; induction, radiant, or gas stovetop; ovens; range hood; refrigerator or wine chiller; microwave oven; and laundry washers, Fagor has a model that will suit your needs.

The Fagor Look

Fagor design is sleek and modern.

When looking for a touch of sophistication, any model in the Fagor lineup is going to be an eye-catching upgrade in your home.

Enjoy colored elements like stainless steel, black tempered glass, or classic white.

Safety features are integrated into these designs to make sure that you are not just getting a piece of equipment that looks nice, it will function wonderfully and never put anyone in danger.

Laundry Model Pluses

Fagor manufactures their laundry models from the ground up.

Both laundry and dryer units are usually front loading, are energy class A+++, and have special programming options.

Plus, they offer up to 6 to 9 kg loads and either 1100 or 1400 rpm spin options, which is wonderful for people who have multiple types of fabrics and varying load sizes.

If you are conservative about water, Fagor laundry and dryer models are energy-efficient, as well as time-efficient.

Get more done using less water more quickly!

Hobs and Ovens

One of the latest innovations by Fagor is the automatic cooking system, called Vitroceramic.

With dynamic touch controls, intuitive programming, and a user-friendly set-up, everyone will enjoy cooking.

You will know that there is power going to the hob when the red pilot light switches on.

However, because Vitroceramic works with “cold heat” technology, the transmission of heat moves purely to the container.

There is also a safety lock to keep children from playing around with the stovetop.


Fagor Electrodomesticos is a brand that suits every budget while offering superior European quality that everyone can enjoy right here in Malaysia.

If you find yourself in the market for new appliances, or are merely seeking to upgrade the technology in your home, Fagor is a recommended choice.

You get the quality you deserve, safety features, warranties, energy conservation all for an affordable price.

Check out Fagor appliances offered on XAMMAX today.