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For wine lovers who think about having collection of types of wines, or enjoy stocking wines, a cellar exclusively for wines will be necessary. A wine cellar also known as wine chiller and wine cooler can be set in any appropriate position in your home.

Excessive light (especially sunlight or fluorescent light) is known to spoil wines. Your wine chiller should provide a darkened storage space.

One of the enemies of wine is vibration. Too much of disruption to the sediments in wine, will cause it to have colour and taste change. The more delicate a wine has the exposure it will have to vibration and light.

Temperature is another aspect that requires consideration, for the reason that higher temperature will decrease the flavour of the wine and lower temperature will cause the wine to freeze.

Last but not least, humidity is another consideration. Excessive humidity may cause the wine to mold and lack of humidity may also affect the cork to shrink, which in turn lead to wine spoilage and spillage. The suggested optimal humidity for wine is about 70%.

To buy a wine cellar, you should consider the following aspects:

  • How many bottles holding capacity does it has?
  • How many bottle of wines you would like to store?
  • The sensitivity factors in terms of how much sensitivity you need to control the temperature, light, humidity, and vibration.
  • Whether the wine cooler will be placed in the open or somewhere in the room.

Essentially, buying the right wine chiller comes down to the features, the price, and space. Thus, you know your drinking habits hence, purchase the best wine cellar you can afford which meets your present needs, and have room to expansion.

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