Power Outlet System

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What is GSS System?

The GSS System is the New Global Standard of electrical power and data outlet system.

The System is Ultra Safe and offers total freedom and flexibility to users across all countries and all sectors. This is made possible with power points that can be added, removed or repositioned anytime and anywhere along a power track, by just a simple push and turn.

This unprecedented flexibility changing and will revolutionise the way all intelligent living spaces (Residential, Commercial, Industrial) are planned, how modern interiors are designed and how furniture systems are altogether designed and made.

GSS System Feature: Ground Sentry Shutter System

What is Eubiq track system?
The system consists of the power track and the tap-off units such as plug and adaptor. The system allows electrical power to be tapped off anywhere along the track through the use of specially designed tap-off units. The tracks are available in 2 versions; the surface mount and recess mount type. A wide range of Eubiq adaptors are also available for all major plug types of the world.

What is the rating of the track and the accessory?
The track is rated at 40A for continuous operation. The plug is fused and rated at 13A; likewise the adaptor is also rated at 13A but without fuse.

Does the product conform to any test specification or safety standards?
Yes, the Power track is designed to comply with the IEC 61534-1 whereas the plug and adaptor comply with BS5733/SS241 and the relevant clauses of BS1363/ SS145 standards. The construction of the track and the engagement of its tap-off unit are such that the connection to the Protective conductor (PE) is made before and is broken after, those to live parts.

Where is the product manufactured & designed?
It is designed and assembled in Singapore.

If the Power Track system is installed in the kitchen, will the heat generated from the stove/oven cause any damage/deform to the Power Track? Is the track heat resistant? What is the recommended mounting distance to prevent this from happening?
All plastic materials used in the track are heat resistant. However, it is not advisable to install the track on the wall directly above the stove/oven to prevent accumulation of dirt on the track cover surface due to prolong exposure to the smoke/ fume caused by cooking. It is recommended to install the track at least 200mm away from the stove/oven.

GSS System Features:

Safety – GSS System has been intensively tested by many of the world’s reputable test lab and has met most international safety standards. It is also widely recognized as a childproof product.

Easy installation – Eubiq power tracks ca n be easily installed by any qualified electrician or competent DIY person and that normally requires only a fraction of time needed to install conventional power outlets within an area.

Flexibility – On GSS System, power outlets can be easily and instantly added, removed or respositioned along the track with a simple twist.

Reusability – As easy as how the installation is done, Eubiq power track can be easily removed and reinstalled in new location.

Durability – The entire GSS System has successfully passed a 15000 cycle test, which is equivalent to 50 years of usage or more.

Universality – Eubiq power tracks accept all devices with a GSS key. Hence, with the wide range of Eubiq adaptors available in the market, the GSS System is ready for worldwide use.

Cable Management – Most Eubiq power tracks are designed to handle cable management. Multiple phone and data cables can be pre-run in the track through dedicated compartments, which are isolated from the power core to eliminate undesired electromagnetic interference (EMI).