Hyper Burners – Unleash the Powerful 5.5kW Flame with Japanese Technology

The Hyper Burner stands as Rinnai’s most potent and notably the highest gas input hob within their gas hob collection. Boasting a 5.5kW flame, it is tailored for intense wok-style cooking.

Despite its impressive power, the flame can be easily adjusted to a lower setting, ideal for gently simmering soups and stews.

For enthusiasts of the coveted ‘Wok Hei’ flavor in their culinary creations, search no more. Rinnai’s Hyper Flame gas hob is the ultimate choice for you.

If you’re looking for kitchen hyper burners in Malaysia, we highly recommend the 4 Rinnai gas hob models below:

Rinnai RB-72SRinnai RB-72GRinnai RB-92GRinnai RB-93UG
Key Features– 5.5kW Flame
– Sealed Burner
– Flexible Cut-out
– Stainless Steel Top
– 5.5kW Flame
– Sealed Burner
– Flexible Cut-out
– Schott Glass
– 5.5kW Flame
– Sealed Burner
– Flexible Cut-out
– Schott Glass
– 5.5kW Flame
– Sealed Burner
– Flexible Cut-out
– Schott Glass
Current PriceRM1,466RM1,622RM1,727RM2,073
SurfaceStainless SteelSchott GlassSchott GlassSchott Glass
No. of Burner2223
Gas InputL/R: 5.5kWL/R: 5.5kWL/R: 5.5kWL/R: 5.5kW, C: 2.0kW
Power SupplyBattery ignitionBattery ignitionBattery ignitionBattery ignition
Control PanelKnobsKnobsKnobsKnobs
Safety DeviceYesYesYesYes
Pan SupportCast IronCast IronCast IronCast Iron
Flexible Cut-OutYesYesYesYes
Product Weight (kg)121217.519.0
Product Size (W x D x H) (cm)76 x 46 x 777 x 46 x 788 x 52 x 788 x 52 x 7
Cut-Out Size (W x D) (cm)65-73 x 35-4165-73 x 35-4170.5-84 x 40.5-4870.5-84 x 40.5-48
Package Weight (kg)17.613.820.522
Package Size (W x D x H) (cm)81.5 x 52.2 x 21.381.3 x 51.3 x 19.993.3 x 57.3 x 19.993.3 x 57.3 x 19.9
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You can experience the pinnacle of culinary prowess with Rinnai’s cutting-edge 5.5kW Flame, powered by advanced Japanese technology.

Perfectly tailored for the vibrant world of Asian cuisine, especially those demanding strong wok-style cooking techniques. Elevate your dishes to a realm of memorable flavours.

Robust Cast Iron Pan Support

Crafted from cast iron, the pan support offers unwavering stability for your wok and pans, maintaining their shape without compromise.

Sleek and Convenient Knobs

Experience effortless ignition with a single push and turn of the elegant knobs, allowing you to control the flame using just one hand.

Precision Simmer Flame

Achieve delicate simmering perfection with the ability to adjust the flame to low settings, ideal for soups and stews.

Effortless Cleaning

The glass surface can be effortlessly wiped clean, swiftly removing spills and messes with minimal effort.

Mess-Free Design with Sealed Burner

The sealed burner design prevents liquids from overflowing and spilling into the gas hob’s inner compartment, ensuring a tidy cooking area.

Adaptable Cut Out Size

Featuring a flexible design, both the glass and stainless steel top plates seamlessly fit into any cut-out dimension as specified, eliminating the need for countertop modifications. An excellent choice as a replacement hob!

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