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  • Houm M12D S12D Designer Table Fan

    -NAN% RM338.00RM348.00

    M12D The silver 12-inch desk fan has a sturdy frame that generates strong air distribution. Adjustable airflow direction and variable speed settings allow homeowners to tailor airflow while circulating air. It ensures an effective cooling outcome. The minimalistic design fits seamlessly into any home, personifying simplicity at its best. S12D The black classic 12-inch desk…

  • Houm X12 Adjustable 2-In-1 Smart Series Stand Fan And Table Fan

    -9% Original price was: RM448.00.Current price is: RM408.00.

    X12 The HÖUM® X12 is a sleek modern fan made with peak cooling in mind while meeting the needs of different spaces; from the floor to the desk. The HÖUM® X12 brings extraordinary flexibility to the table or the floor with its 2-in-1 adjustable height. With the unique 7+5 double aerofoil blades, it can create…

  • Houm C6 C8 Series Table Cooling Circulator Fan With Remote

    -NAN% RM288.00RM408.00

    C8 The HÖUM® C8 packs a punch with its powerful aerodynamic turbo design, made for maximum airflow. This bigger brother of the adorably sized HÖUM® C6 retains their shared modern aesthetics that can fit any space easily, and the full LED display is compatible with a remote controller for convenient control of the fan. What…

  • Firenzzi-FAC-1250

    Firenzzi Air Cooler FAC-1250

    -38% Original price was: RM640.00.Current price is: RM399.00.

    Detachable 25L water tank Full water tank consumption: 4-6 hours approx Cool 1800 m3/hour airflow 20 to 40m2 (215 to 430 sqft.) room coverage 120W cooling power Dimension: (W) 350 x (D) 350 x (H) 845 mm

  • Firenzzi-FAC-1620

    Firenzzi Air Cooler FAC-1620

    -41% Original price was: RM1,010.00.Current price is: RM599.00.
    • 3-speed setting
    • Wide-angle oscillation
    • With remote control
    • Low water warning
    • 3 sides of honeycomb paper
  • Firenzzi-FAC-1848

    Firenzzi Air Cooler FAC-1848

    -42% Original price was: RM1,196.00.Current price is: RM699.00.
    • High-efficiency honeycomb cooling pads
    • 2 reusable ice packs included
    • Low noise: Less than 65 Decibels
    • Sleep mode (even quieter): Less than 55 Decibels
    • 3 fan speeds
    • 12-hour timer
    • Touch screen control
    • Remote control
    • Swing function
    • Versatile and mobile
  • Firenzzi-FAC-1890

    Firenzzi Air Cooler FAC-1890

    -38% Original price was: RM1,598.00.Current price is: RM998.00.

    Noise: < 75 Decibels Cooling Power: 280W Capacity: 80 litres Applying space: 30-60m2 Air Flow Volumn: 9000m3/hour Timer setting: 12 hours N.W./G.W.(kg): 18.5/19.5 Size dimension: (W) 635 x (D) 415 x (H) 1200 mm Box dimension: (W) 655 x (D) 445 x (H) 1190 mm