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Smeg Malaysia: Buy Smeg Fridge, Oven, Toaster, Kettle, Coffee Machine and Appliances Online

Smeg, a renowned home appliance brand, offers appliances which are designed with the consumer in mind. The products, which are made in Italy, have been distributed all over the globe – from Asia to Africa, Europe to Australia. The Italian home appliance manufacturer is based near Reggio Emilia, in Guastalla, the north of the country. It has 16 subsidiaries worldwide with offices in Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.

Incorporating Technology

Smeg appliances aim to provide the top performance to their consumers. They do so by evaluating the needs, functions, aesthetics, and environmental aspects. This led them to develop products which are user friendly and efficient in the use of resources, through cutting-edge technology and programming software.

Environmental Sustainability

The company takes on a green approach and is committed to environmental sustainability. Smeg HQ ensures that energy consumption level is at its lowest without neglecting performance. In Italy, Smeg HQ has been termed as one of the most innovative and sustainable buildings. The building incorporates sustainable development policies as well as intelligent consumption management. Furthermore, the building won the Modena Domotics Competition that was held in Italy, in 2007. Smeg home appliances are also environmentally sustainable. The company only engages suppliers that are eco-compatible, and they use recyclable packaging instead of those that can only be used once. They have also made an effort to reduce the resources (water, electricity, packaging materials, etc.) used and emission of pollutants while producing the products.

Smeg Products

Smeg offers an extensive range of home appliances: electric ovens, gas hobs, electric hobs, electric cookers, built-in hoods, chimney hoods, sinks, taps, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryer, toasters, stand mixers, kettles, blenders, coffee machines and more. These products combine both aesthetics and innovative technology. Not only that, but they are also efficient, attention to detail, reliable, and safe for usage. Smeg home appliances will definitely meet your daily needs for cooking, washing, food storage, and extraction.

Smeg Aesthetic Lines

Smeg came up with five different design lines that will suit every individual’s taste. These aesthetic lines allow homeowners to customize their living space by choosing their own style, combination, and décor. The five different lines are:


Soft lines with ergonomic designs are the main features of Marc Newson aesthetic line. This range of products are made using glass or stainless steel, and it comprises of gas hobs, ovens and induction hobs.


The Linea range is suited for those who are looking for a minimalistic style while optimizing their space. Some of the products in this range have a touch control feature and others incorporate glass or transparent control knobs into their design.


The first-ever aesthetic line ever introduced by Smeg – Classic. This range is characterized by its use of stainless steel and stylish aesthetics. Products in this range include coffee machines, ovens, hoods, hobs, and refrigerators.

50’s Retro Style

One of the more vibrant designs among the others, 50’s Retro Style is for those who are looking to brighten up their homes. This range has definitely changed the way people look at home appliances, from bland and dull to lively, sinuous lines.


Products in this range are built to fit into the surroundings seamlessly. Its functionality and practicality allow it to blend harmoniously.
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