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Looking for the Best Outdoor Water Filters Online? We Can Help

An outdoor water filter is “The Desired First Line of Defense” for many homes in Malaysia.

Outdoor water filters do more than indoor filters. They do the job of eliminating contaminants entirely so water from all tap water will be well filtered before it enters your home.

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Buying an Outdoor Water Filter Online in Malaysia

As a Malaysian, you will know the importance of water filtration in this country.

Despite being a truly wonderful place to live, Malaysia is a country that is not blessed with outstanding natural water quality.

This means that if you do wish to drink and/or use water for any purpose, it often has to be filtered first. To do that, you have many options – the best arguably being outdoor water filters.

Follow this guide, and you will find it easier than ever to buy quality outdoor water filters in Malaysia!


What is an outdoor water filter?


Outdoor water filters are often installed outside the house.

They are used to filter out impurities such as sediments and sand from outside water sources.

Similar to indoor water filters, they provide cleaner water, but right from the point-of-entry for whole house water usage.

A quality outdoor water filter should be NSF certified, which helps to:

  • Reduce taste and odour.
  • Reduce nominal particulate, chloramine, and harmful chemicals which increase lead level in the bloodstream as well as causing respiratory issues.
  • Reduce health-related contaminants which cause diarrhea, nausea, low-grade fever, and fatal.

What matters when buying outdoor water filters in Malaysia?

Of course, you are likely to find that the market for outdoor water filters is quite a competitive one.

It is important to ask yourself these questions when you are buying an outdoor water filter:

nsfOne of the most important factors in buying any outdoor water filters is making sure it has an NSF certification.

NSF is an independent organization that ensures the products adhere to international standards for better water quality. Since 1944, they spent their time evaluating the quality of filtration systems worldwide. They are regarded as the most credible name within the industry.

outdoor-filters-technologyLinked with the above, modern filter systems need to come with the right kind of fitting technology.

For example, 3M Whole House Water Filter System AP902 provides non-woven pleat filtration media that eliminates sediments, particulate, sand and rust down to 5 microns which is 10 times finer than a strand of hair.

3m-companyWith so many outdoor water filters brands in Malaysia, you need to find one that has a long history and good reputation in Malaysia and around the world.

Being ranked number 95 in the Fortune 500, 3M made $32.8 billion in total sales in 2018. With over 75 years’ worth of experience in the water filtration industry, you can be sure that you are getting the best outdoor water filter in Malaysia.

While every filter will need some form of maintenance. You need to look into factors like changing the cartridges.

Many water filters today allow you to make the change the cartridge yourself with ease, while others require you need to sign up for costly maintenance programs.

The good news is that 3M Whole House Water Filter System AP902 allows easy cartridge replacement with no backwash required. Watch this video to learn how easy it is:

best-outdoor-filtersAs the name suggests, an outdoor water filter is most likely to be installed outdoor. A good one should be able to handle the changes in the weather. Don’t forget we are living in a warm, humid and rainy country!

Manufactured with FDA CFR-21-compliant material, 304 stainless steel head and die-cast zinc locking latch, 3M outdoor water filters will be ones that can handle changes in the landscape long-term.

Which Outdoor Water Filters Should You Invest in?

For anyone who is interested in buying a 3M outdoor water filter, there are 2 popular models:


1) 3M Whole House Water Filter System AP902


  • Suitable for landed houses.
  • NSF certified.
  • Advanced single-stage filtration delivers high output.
  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) design – Easily change the cartridge yourself.
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As 3M are globally rated as the best name in water filtration, this model is a fantastic starting point. The 3M Whole House Water Filter System AP902 is one of the best single-stage filtration system out there, offering clean water with affordable cartridge replacement cost in the long-term.

It is an NSF-certified product that is also designed to be FDA compliant, giving you total peace of mind over its build quality and consistency.

It is an effective solution that can make sure you get a solid ‘the first line of defence’ against any contaminants that might be coming through your faucets, taps, and pipes.

Also, this comes with a simple and easy cartridge swap-out system so that you can easily swap the cartridges as and when it is needed. The 304 Stainless Steel head and die-cast zing latch also stays in fine condition for years to come, making sure you always have access to a catch that can keep things safe, simple, and stress-free.

Keeping your home safe and free from contamination is a challenge, but it is by no means impossible. With 3M Whole House Water Filter System AP902, you can make sure you have constant access to cleaner and safer water.

Watch this video to learn more:

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Mini POE

2) 3M Mini POE Outdoor Water Filter


  • Suitable for Condominium, apartments.
  • NSF certified.
  • Filters out dirt, mud and sand down to 5 micron size.
  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) design – Easily change the cartridge yourself.
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3M Mini POE Outdoor Water Filter is especially useful if you are living in a high rise building like condominium or apartment. It is compact and can be easily maintained over time.

This compact outdoor water filter can get rid of residue like dirt, sand, and mud in the water with ease. It can get rid of particles as small as 5 microns in size, making it an extremely effective cleaning tool.

It also helps to give you an easier way to keep household items like faucets and showers in better condition as it minimises any dirt build-up in the water that you are using.

On top of this, it allows for you to make sure that things like your washing machine and other water-required appliances no longer show signs of mud and dirt in their water usage.

This also uses a powerful Anti-Scaling system that helps to make sure your water is heated properly – perfect for making hot water drinks and for use in your water boiler.

In short, the 3M Mini POE Outdoor Water Filter is one of the most impressive models of its kind for those who are looking for a small but highly effective water filtration. Water that comes out of this is much cleaner and safer for your loved ones and you.

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to replace the cartridge:

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Outdoor Water Filters FAQ

🏆 Which outdoor water filter brand is the best in Malaysia?

3M. Simply because they are NSF certified; a Fortune 500 company; 5 microns filtration; High flow rate; Easy cartridge replacement.

💧 Can condominium use an outdoor water filter?

Yes. There are outdoor filters specifically made for condo, eg 3M Mini POE.

💰 How much does an outdoor water filter cost in Malaysia?

Around RM400 - RM1,100. Also, you need to consider the cartridge replacement cost down the road.

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