Teka Side by Side Fridge RLF 74911 SS


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 Teka Refrigerator

 Teka refrigerator deliver outstanding performance with lower A++ energy consuption.

Thanks to No frost technology and its Antibacteria System, your food will always be kept really fresh.


 Antibacterial Systerm 

Both the cavity and the doors of Teka refrigerator have been specially treated.
This Antibacterial film is made of silver ions and prevents bacteria and mirco-organisms from growing inside the refrigerator.
Thanks to this system, the food keeps fresh and is safe to eat longer,preventing the outbreak of diseases such as salmonella,
Legionnaire’s disease or hepatitis C. 


No Frost System 

The Teka No Frost System delivers fast high-quality freezing, preserving food better and removing the diffrent odour mix
The refrigerator defrosts automatically and collects water lodges in a special compartment where it evaporates.
It also maintains an optimal,steady temperature in the entire fridge, apart from monitoring the temperature with greater precision than a tranditional system
In this way, it controls the level of humidity at all times and prevents ice and frost from building up on the walls and the food.


Fuzzy Logic

The Fuzzy Logic System delivers constant and accurate automatic temperature without the user having to do anything at all.
The system has an eletronic control that regulates the temperature via independent sensors, which are distributed throughout refrigerator.
This maintains a constant temperature and adjusts to the outside temperature automatically.

All the temperature information-both ambient and interior-is collected by the electronic control, which regulates the cold air inlet and accurately sets the diffrent temperatures for each compartment.



  • Folio double doors
  • Aluminum long handle
  • No frost system 
  • Easy ice maker
  • Super Freezing and Super Cooling fuction
  • Electronic control with LED control
  • Interior LED light
  • Door alarm
  • Multi-air flow design
  • Vacation mode
  • Child lock mode
  • Noise level : 43dBA



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Aziah Sani
Aziah Sani
good staff..detail info ... good product..
Yi Hui
Yi Hui
The sales is very helpful and provide advice during installation. Looks clean and neat compare to normal socket
Dax Seow
Dax Seow
Indeed the water taste pleasant !
Juita Hassan
Juita Hassan
Very responsive and helpful seller We bought Smeg cooker + hood. Got plenty of freebies. All comes under guaranteed warranty. Happy with our purchase
Unique design with combination of new technology and good performance, just what I m looking for.
Jennifer Aileen
Jennifer Aileen
The Rinnai hood and hob look sleek and functional. After sale service is also good.
Khor Ting Loong
Khor Ting Loong
Good service and prompt follow up from the salesperson, got complimentary gift as well.
Ho Chuisiang
Ho Chuisiang
The Kitchen Hood is a high-quality, durable and stylish kitchen hood that will help the kitchen clean and smoke-free.
Chee Guan Koh
Chee Guan Koh
I'm very satisfied with the quality of the product. A hood without any consumable part saves a lot of hassle. The suction is also very powerful. Although most of the hood nowadays comes with touch sensors, the old-school mechanical switch design is still my favorite somehow, which gave me a practical feeling when using it.