Tuma Flow2One Plus+ Fresh Air Exchange Ventilator Air Circulation Fan

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Flow2one Plus+

 What is unseen in the air may cause long lasting harm

Air pollution makes our daily breathing equal to chronic suicide

We need to breathe 20,000 times a day!
But do you know that every breath we take is closely related to our health condition?
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), under the World Health Organization (WHO),
published a report listing air pollution as a primary carcinogen,
which has been known to have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system,
increasing the risk of lung cancer, asthma, and stroke.

Flow2one Plus+

Polluted indoor air is far more terrifying than you imagine

On average, people spend 80 to 90% of their day indoors.
The World Health Organization reports that an estimated 7 million people die to air pollution each year, with indoor air pollution accounting for more than 4 million individuals.
Home decorations are covered with invisible pollutants,
such as formaldehyde, PM2.5, VOC, etc., all of which slowly damage your health.
This is especially threatening for households with children, pregnant women and elders!

Flow2one Plus+


Indoor air is only healthy and good when it has sufficient oxygen content

When carbon dioxide concentration of indoor air reaches OR exceeds 1000 ppm, people start feeling tired and uncomfortable.
If we stay in an environment with insufficient oxygen supply for a prolonged period of time,
it will cause fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, lack of appetite and other chronic fatigue syndromes,
affecting people’s intellectual functionality and efficiency.
Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg also reminds that
“the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar (anaerobic respiration).”
So how to improve the indoor oxygen is very important to our health and the health of our family members.

Without water, a person can survive for more than a week.
Without food, a person can survive for more than a month.
Without oxygen, the brain will be damaged within minutes.
Oxygen plays an integral part in your health!!

Flow2one Plus+



Flow2one Plus+
Delivers active oxygen, pure and clean air

Nonstop air exchange operation.
It filters fresh outdoor air while removing dirty indoor air,
thereby increasing indoor oxygen content;
providing your home with healthy clean air around the clock.

Flow2one Plus+


Flow2one Plus+


Double filtering, Super purification
Filtering 99.9% of PM2.5

Effectively filters outdoor particulates and harmful matters. Brings in good air with oxygen, while exhausting dirty indoor air. -The VOC activate carbon filter adopts an exclusive three-dimensional tapered design that enhances deodorization, inhibits bacteria growth, prevents mold, and eliminates allergens. -The 360-degree high-efficiency filter design maximizes air purification area and ensures an all-round purification

Flow2one Plus+

Dual vortex fan
Accelerating ventilation

The built-in dual fan removes and replenishes the air, allowing rapid air flow and ventilation, keeping your home clean and oxygen-rich all day long.

Exclusive aromatic scent
Relaxation and comfort anytime, anywhere!

The high-efficiency filter comes with a convenient hook design. Just tie your favorite essential oil fragrance and let the scent of happiness flow through your home. The atmosphere of your home can be changed as you wish.

Flow2one Plus+

Go beyond purification, Offer fresh air
Fresh air + internal circulation, Indulge in nature’s phytoncide.

Through nonstop air circulation, the dirty air is continuously removed.
The fresh air is brought in and the indoor purification is enhanced.
It fills your home with negative ions, maintaining constant comfortable and freshness.
Access fresh air even if the window are closed.
360° operation, fresh air + purification in one!

Flow2one Plus+

Strong air flow
Air purification for the whole house

200 M3/h Strong Fresh Air

With the front tilt design for fresh air, the air supply distance is effective up to 6 meters, expanding indoor air exchange rapidly.

70 M3/h Exhaust Design

Mold, dust or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the decorations affect your health tremendously. Indoor dirty air needs to be effectively discharged to ensure home air quality.

Slight positive pressure indoors
Clean and non-stuffy air

Punching holes in the wall to introduce outdoor fresh oxygen and through double purifications into the room; the clean air forms a slightly positive pressure indoor. The positive pressure will push out dust and dirty air through the cracks in the window or door. At the same time this blocks outdoor PM2.5 and other pollutants from entering the room.

Flow2one Plus+

Quiet and Comfortable
Efficient and Energy Saving

Utilizes DC energy-saving motor technology to reduce noise and minimize energy consumption, 24hr oxygen replenishment, letting you sleep soundly all night.

Warm during winter and cool during summer
Comfortable and pleasant

Through the heat exchange function, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor can be minimized. The stress from processing outside air can be reduced for the air conditioning system, achieving energy saving while balancing indoor temperature and humidity. The circulation of indoor and outdoor air is uninterrupted, therefore, the home feels comfortable and is constantly ventilated, even if the window is closed.

Flow2one Plus+

User friendly + convenient
A homely life

Concealed button design under the device case. Not only aesthetic but also easier to press.

Intelligent monitoring and control
Automatic monitoring CO2

Turning on Fresh Air will automatically enable the “smart” high-precision sensor for 24-hour air quality monitoring. It will automatically adjust the intake and output volume of fresh air, allowing you to enjoy fresh air around the clock.

Flow2one Plus+

Easy Installation
NO Decoration Damages

Only a circular hole 160mm in diameter is needed for installation. Waterproof sealed hose within the wall,with external high-rise layer anti-rain cover design that can withstand typhoons.
※ This product shall installed near the wall of the balcony or window in case of further construction and maintenance. Other special wall surfaces or outdoor environments require professional personnel to evaluate if any reinforcement is needed.

Double protection from wind and rain

The external cover of adopts a rainwater diversion design with double-layered water and wind protection, so it has passed a IPX4 waterproof and Beaufort scale 16 wind strength testing. The external cover is made of SUS304 stainless steel that effectively resists acid rain corrosion and does not easily deteriorate from sunlight exposure.

Flow2one Plus+

Change the filter periodically
Keep the air fresh!

When the indicator lights up, the filter should be replaced. When the cover is taken off, the power will be cut automatically. After the filter is replaced, press “Reset Filter” button and put the cover back, and Flow2one Plus will reactivate automatically.
※Taking the cover off will cut the power. It’s designed for safety.Operating 5 hours a day, the filter gauze can last a whole year!

Completely remote operable
Easy and convenient

Turning on Flow2one Plus will automatically enable Smart Mode, detecting the air condition and adjust the fresh air level automatically. You can also choose other functions or set the time to adjust what suits your lifestyle best.

Flow2one Plus+

Everyday usage function
Hanger design

The unique hanger design allows the device to accommodate different household ornaments and plants, merging the product into the overall living space.Bestow your cold, lifeless household appliances with warmth and vigor.
(Hanger maximum weight capacity: 10kg)

The ingenious design of the Fresh Air integrates modern furniture design concepts.
Not only does it add a warm touch to cold electrical products,
but provides your home with fresh air
and offers a pleasant change to your daily life.

Not just fresh air, but an appealing ornament.

Flow2one Plus+

Fresh Air Flow2one Plus +
Experience true oxygen and purification

Flow2one Plus+

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