Rinnai (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 1973, gradually expand its business line and now offers a wide range of kitchen appliances, water heater, as well as equipment for commercial use, and Air-conditioning units using Gas (Gas Heat Pump unit) , which have high quality, safety, friendly environment, good function and modern design. Being the authorized dealer of Rinnai Malaysia, XAMMAX offers huge range of products with full manufacturer's warranty.

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How Rinnai Become the Favourite Home Appliances Brand for the Malaysians

When it comes to home appliances Malaysians can be picky. No matter which part of the world you reside in, would you like to pay for appliances that aren't worth the expense? Of course, not. So, consumers prefer to trust a brand name which assures the quality and standard of a product.

Successfully serving home appliances since 1920, Rinnai was established in Japan, and within a couple of decades, it spread in several countries of the Asian and Australian subcontinent. Rinnai first opened its store in 1973 and since then, it has been widely accepted by the Malaysians.

Mesmerizing the users with their quality, trust and gaining the confidence, Rinnai is now irreplaceable when it comes to home appliance brands. With extensive customer service and improvement in production and sales, Rinnai has successfully overthrown its competitors in Malaysia.

What does Rinnai Offer?

When it comes to Rinnai, the brand name itself speaks volumes for the huge variety of products, the standard quality and wide collection of appliances.

Extensive Collection of Domestic Products: Rinnai provides Malaysians with a range of carefully produced high-end kitchen appliances. If you are worried about your budget, Rinnai has in store for you products of different price budgets, something that would suit all our needs.

For domestic cooks, Rinnai offers you some of the best cooker hoods. Amongst domestic appliances, Rinnai also provides an electric heater, table top cooker and built-in oven. Other regular appliances include gas clothes dryer, gas water heater and built-in microwave. An exquisite BBQ set is also available for the meat lovers.

Wide Range of Unique Commercial Products: For professional and commercial purposes, Rinnai makes sure the demands are delivered beyond expectations by introducing a collection of unique products. A wide range of gas appliances is available at disposal which includes - gas water heater, gas rice cooker, gas salamander, gas griddle, gas range cooker and lots more.

These appliances can be effectively used for extensive cooking and produce results worth the price and effort.

How Rinnai stands out from others?

To be different, it is essential to do things differently. And Rinnai's success in the field of home appliance lay hidden in the small ventures that the company encourages and undergoes over the years.

Grease Free Kitchen Technology: In 2013, Rinnai came up with a new technology that would help to keep the kitchen grease free. Now, none of us are fond of oily kitchens, and if a product can assure grease free service without burning a big hole in our pockets, it's definitely worth the price.

Introducing a Green Kitchen: When the world voices about the concerns of the environment, introducing Greenovation or a small effort to create environment-friendly home appliances can never go unnoticed. Rinnai introduced products that would help you adopt "Greenovation in your kitchen".

A Kitchen Superhero: A new product introduced by Rinnai in 2014, a mega burner with the highest flame rating. It makes cooking super quick and easy and literally owns the kitchen like a superhero.

Every year Rinnai comes up with modern ranges of products that help to elevate the style of cooking. These appliances are not a mere piece of metal but actually help to ease the procedure and provide an exquisite experience.

Why is Rinnai a customer's favourite?

Apart from providing top-notch features in servicing and customer help, Rinnai takes a step ahead to make sure that buyers' requirements are met.

Rinnai's motto is "To offer its customers thermal solutions that promote positive lifestyle changes by providing comfort, quality and safe appliances."

Technological Advancement: With the advent of modern technology, Rinnai brings in new changes to their products updating themselves with the latest changes in the market. Customers are gifted the trendiest appliances with smoothest features that can make their home tasks hassle free.

Rinnai invests in research and development to create long lasting and effective products with detailed technological mechanisms.

Customer Service: Most of the Rinnai products come with a specific warranty period. Also, Rinnai provides efficient technicians to fix problems. They look forward to bridging the gap between home and energy. Buying a Rinnai product ensures that the company will provide you with all necessary features - sales, installation, and regular servicing.


A company is only as good as its name. At present, Rinnai has become a household name in Malaysia when it comes to home appliances. Rinnai's stepwise rise from being an external company to one of the major brands in Malaysia today involves the authenticity of the company. The brand value of Rinnai is supported by their intensive service, valuable products and convenient support.

So, for Malaysian, Rinnai is the ultimate stop for all home appliances.