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Waste disposer is efficient and quick in disposing all the debris and dirt. The waste disposer is appropriate for disposing fruit rinds, potato peels and similar kind of kitchen waste. The disposer grinds the kitchen waste in fine pieces and minute particles that can easily be disposed. These particles are then flushed out from the chambers into the septic tanks.

Waste disposer mostly function into two types or modes – continuous and batch feed. The batch feed operates when the disposal lid gets engaged and unit gets activated. The continuous feed operates when the switch is plugged on till it is deactivated.

Gone are the days when one used the waste disposer that operated with typical noise. The modern technology has successfully designed premium models which are noise free and smart.

There can be many reasons for every Malaysian to a waste disposer. Apart from keeping your kitchen clean a disposer is extremely hygine and do not allow the growth of fungus and bacteria on the waste products.

The waste disposer is preferred by Malaysian as it reduces unwanted trip to depose garbage to the outside dustbin. They are user friendly and convenient to use. They are also safe to use as the wastes gets grinded in safe grinds instead of shredding under blades.

It is always recommended that you use a product that has practical application. The waste disposer is compact and do not occupy much area. The wastes that are grinded can be recycled and used as soil fertilizers.

The main and the most important part of a waste disposer is the motor. It is the efficiency of a motor that determines the quality of the waste disposar. The horse power of the motor determines the capability of a disposer. A good recommendation is horse power ranging between 0.5 to 1.25 HP.

A good quality waste disposer last for several years. The best way to make the disposer last is by checking the unwanted wastes getting clogged in the grinder. If you purchase waste disposer with more horse power then the chances of the waste getting clogged is reduced to a considerable amount. As a waste disposer with a huge volume of horse power can efficiently handle and then transfer the waste into biodegradable items. In majority cases one disposer lasts more than a generation. The waste disposer sold in our website also enjoys warranty between 3 and 5 years.

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