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The sink tap is considered to be an important part of every Malaysian kitchen. It is always wise to invest on a good quality sink tap which will last for a long duration.

The 3 main factors to consider before buying a sink tap are:

  • The finish of the sink taps. The buyer should concentrate on the features, tone and the coordination of the decor.
  • The mounting option is another important criterion that one should keep in mind prior to deciding a model. The three popular modes are non-deckplate, wall mount and deck plates.
  • You must also go through the key features of the sink tap. Some of the key guidelines are sprayers, handles and the spouts. We provide two kinds of spout: pull and flexible.

Generally the sink tap allows hot and cold water. This exclusively depends on the purpose you are using the water for. Sometimes we even require a mixture of both.

The counter top type sink taps are mostly connected with the wall and are located above the sink. This kind of sink tap not only saves space but is also easy to clean as the distance between the tap and the bowl makes the user comfortable to wash the nook and corner of the sink. The wall mount sink tap is a good combination for the under mount and the apron sink which do not have any pre drilled holes.

The wall mount sink taps is also another specialty of the Malaysian kitchen. This kind of taps can be customized according to the requirement of the user. The user can adjust according to his/her requirement. You can use this kind of tap over the stoves in order to fill up the pots. The height of the wall mount sink tap will depend upon the height of the kitchen table. However the low height wall mount sink tap will be appropriate for every kitchen.

We always recommend our buyer to buy the sink and the faucet at one go. This way you can buy compatible models. However many prefers to buy the sink prior to sink tap. This is possible if the buyer has an eye to buy an appropriate sink tap that will be combatable with the sink. If the two are poles apart from the point of view of color and design they will be odd and can spoil the look of your kitchen.

The majority of the quality sink tap made of stainless steel or brass chrome. The sink taps made out of these two materials can withstand prolong handling and last for many years.

A well known brand will provide you with a warranty of more than 4 years. However prior to buying any of the sink taps it is advisable to go through the terms and conditions of the organization, as it is not same for all companies. One of the key difference is the kind of service they will provide in near future. Some companies prefers visiting the clients and repairing or replacing the tap whereas some will request you to take the defected product to their respective store.

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