Smeg Kettles – A Mix of Technology and Retro

Fast, safe, and dependable, Smeg kettles boast a stainless steel body, a capacious 1.7-litre capacity, and a cordless base, enhancing their practicality and functionality as they can be easily repositioned as desired.

Electronic Kettles (Ready Stock)

Blending technology with a touch of retro flair, Smeg kettles transform every moment into a delightful experience – whether it’s breakfast, afternoon tea, a short break, or an evening of relaxation. They efficiently and quickly bring water to a boil.

Mini Kettle

The KLF05 kettle’s pop soul shines through in its diverse color palette. Pastel hues like cream, green, pink, and blue, along with striking shades like red, black, and white, complement the chrome base and the stainless steel accents on the spout and the on-off controls.

New Matt Finish

Smeg’s collection of compact household appliances welcomes an array of new matte finishes, offering a delightful soft-touch experience. The toaster, kettle, and citrus juicer will don these fresh matte hues, elevating the ambience with their elegant and refined presence when left in plain view.

In this new texture, you’ll find a range of colours. Black, the epitome of refinement, exudes elegance. White, a luminous and timeless choice, adds a classic touch. Champagne, a fresh and novel colour, can bring an element of surprise to your kitchen. Finally, emerald green, with its elegant and sophisticated allure, adds a touch of sophistication.

International Awards

Smeg’s global reputation for crafting top-tier design products continues to thrive, with both our major and small domestic appliances earning prestigious design accolades.

Among these celebrated products is the Smeg KLF kettle, which has been honoured with numerous international awards.