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Dryer- Best Deal + 7 Tips to Consider Before Buying

Did someone say drought? Because 2 weeks of non-stop rain makes the best of us wonder if we are ever going to see the sun again. After prolonged period of rain everything feels "soggy", especially your clothes and towels. If you do not have access to a clothes dryer then it is probably time to think about obtaining your very own.

There are a few facts to consider when getting a clothes dryer.

1. Budget
Can you afford a clothes dryer? Sounds like an obvious question, but can you? Most dryers retail from about RM1000 to RM6000 for household versions.

If you don't have a lot of spare cash lying around, perhaps wait until you have saved enough to buy yourself a dryer. Make it a treat for yourself, because everybody deserves to have fresh clean clothes and towels, whatever the weather outside is doing.

2. Electricity
There is only one downfall when you own a clothes dryer. What could be a downfall? You are wondering, as you sift through your pile of soggy rainy day washing. The expense of running the thing of course! Clothes dryers are well-known energy sappers.

If you are already having trouble paying your electricity bill, or thinking of turning into a Greenie, then perhaps a clothes dryer is not for you, consider this first, as they do tend to sap a fair bit of the old fossil fuels to get your clothes and towels dry.

3. Durable clothes
Do me a favour.  Go to your laundry basket and look at the tags of a few of your favourite clothes. How many, out of say, 10 items, says "Do not tumble dry" on the tag? If you are tipping more than 5, then think twice about buying a dryer.

Durable, cotton-based clothing is much better in dryers than things made our of polyester based materials. Check out the tag on everything before putting it in the clothes dryer.

4. Energy rating
Considering the above, you can always opt to choose a clothes dryer with a great energy rating. Energy ratings are measured by a Star reward system.

Quite simply, the more Stars on the sticker on the front of your dryer, the more energy efficient the clothes dryer will be. Check with your sales assistant if you need more information on energy ratings.

5. Warranty
Like any electrical product, you would expect a warranty if you are buying a new clothes dryer.

6. Size
So you are set on obtaining a dryer, great. So how big does it should be? A general rule is shopping for the same size kilogram load as your washing machine is.

So if you only have a 4kg washing machine, and this seems to service you okay, choose a 4kg dryer. So on and so forth according to your personal needs and wants.

7. Settings
Do you want your clothes or towels piping hot or just lightly dried? Read your clothes dryer manual and choose the right settings for you.

Choose an automatic switch off, which ensures the dryer turns itself off when the clothes are done. This is great for fire safety.