Vintec stands as a prominent specialized label in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, dedicated to climate-controlled solutions for wine storage. Vintec wine cabinets seamlessly integrate into kitchens or enhance the aesthetic of living rooms.

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Which Cabinet Suits Me Best?

  • For Proper Cellaring and Maturation:
    If your goal is to store your wines under ideal cellaring conditions for gradual maturation, opt for any Single-Zone Vintec wine cabinet. Set the temperature to 12-14°C, the optimal range for medium to long-term storage of all wine types: reds, whites, rosés, and Champagne.
  • Ideal Serving Temperatures:
    To have your wines ready to serve at the perfect drinking temperatures, consider a Dual-Zone or Multi-Temp Vintec wine cabinet. Remember that most whites are best enjoyed at 6-8°C, and most reds shine at 16-18°C. With a Multi-Temp cabinet, you can fine-tune serving temperatures for various wine styles due to the temperature gradient within the cabinet.
  • Cellaring Specific Wine Types:
    Whether you’re cellaring white, red, or Champagne, the recommended temperature remains the same (12-14°C). Therefore, any Single-Zone cabinet within this range is suitable for storing white and/or red wines, while also maintaining humidity levels above 50% for cork preservation.
  • Investment Wine Considerations:
    If your wines are intended for investment purposes, potential buyers might request proof of proper cellaring conditions. Vintec Single-Zone wine cabinets set between 12-14°C fulfill the conditions for such evidence.

Usage – Cellaring & Serving Tips

Temperature for Cellaring

The recommended cellaring temperature falls between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius. What’s crucial is a constant temperature, regardless of the specific value within this range.

Humidity Importance

Maintain humidity above 50% in your wine cabinet to prevent cork drying and shrinking, as humidity below this threshold can lead to spoilage due to oxidation. All Vintec Single-Zone cabinets designed for 12-14°C settings uphold humidity levels above 50%.

Cellaring in Multi-Zone Cabinets

Yes, you can cellar wines in the middle section of a Multi-Zone cabinet, provided the wines are under screw cap closures. However, if any bottles have natural cork closures, avoid using Multi-Temp cabinets, as they can’t sustain adequate humidity for long-term cork integrity.

The necessity of Humidity Control

Indeed, humidity control is essential to prevent cork shrinkage and drying. Low humidity can lead to oxidation, causing off-odors, and even crumbling corks during removal.

Duration in Multi-Temp Cabinets

For wines stored in Multi-Temp cabinets, it’s recommended to rotate them every 6 months. This is because Multi-Temp cabinets aren’t optimized for proper cellaring temperature (12-14°C) and may lack the humidity levels required for extended cork preservation.

The Vintec 5 Pillars of Wine Storage

Pillar 1: Consistent Temperature

Vintec Wine Cabinets are expertly crafted to uphold a stable temperature, ensuring your wines are preserved at their finest and allowed to mature uniformly.

  • Incorporated Adaptive Variable Speed Compressor (VSC)*
  • Enhanced insulation through side panels
  • Double / Triple-glazed door structure
  • Exclusive CE Cellaring mode at 12°C*
    *Found in the Premium Range

Pillar 2: Optimal Humidity (Above 50%)

Vintec Wine Cabinets feature meticulous design with an inherent humidity regulation mechanism and precisely controlled air circulation, maintaining hygrometry levels above 50% to safeguard corks and prevent wine oxidation during cellaring.

Pillar 3: UV-Resistant Dark Storage Compartment

Vintec Wine Cabinets are intentionally engineered to shield your wine from the effects of UV light.

  • UV-protective tinted, insulated glass doors
  • Dark interior composition
  • Double / Triple-glazed doors
  • UV-free LED illumination

Pillar 4: Vibration-Free Environment

Vintec Wine Cabinets are thoughtfully structured to suspend and minimize vibrations from all moving components, offering a safeguarded environment that nurtures the steady maturation of your wines.

  • Integrated low-vibration Adaptive Variable Speed Compressor*
  • Shelves equipped with vibration-absorbing sliding rails
  • Oak wooden shelves designed to dampen vibrations
    *Featured in the Premium Range

Pillar 5: Superior Air Circulation

Vintec Wine Cabinets are outfitted with a high-efficiency air circulation system, ensuring a consistent, unhurried flow of filtered air throughout the cabinet. This curtails the infiltration of odors, curbs the growth of mold, and prevents damage to labels and corks.