tekaTeka is an industrial group employing nearly 6,000 people worldwide with an annual turnover of over $1.4 billion USD and 90 years of experience. As the authorized dealer of Teka Malaysia, XAMMAX offers you popular Teka products such as a kitchen sink and built-in appliances.

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Buying Teka Sinks, Ovens and Other Teka Appliances in Malaysia

Brief History

Teka, a German brand, has close to a century worth of history. It first started off as an agricultural machinery company which then evolved into an appliances brand that is well known around the globe.

In its first few years in the manufacturing industry, Teka was purely manufacturing sinks. After seeing the success of its products, it began to expand its product range and started to manufacture ovens, cookers, and hoods.

Soon after, Teka gained worldwide recognition as a result of its sleek design and high-quality products. They started to sponsor a basketball club, Real Madrid football club, and more.

Now, Teka is a well-established brand that has clinched numerous international awards and recognition. It is present in five continents and its products are made available in more than 120 countries.



Teka ensures that its customers are being treated truthfully, be it in terms of product price or the service from its staff. They aim to connect with their customer in a clear and transparent dialogue.


Despite using the best quality of materials and coming up with innovative designs, Teka still wishes to keep its products at a fair price as far as possible. Their aim is to transform the functional into a human.


Innovation and creativity have brought Teka to where it is today. Their products are 100% original and never duplicated from others. They mainly get their product ideas from inspirations around the world and by looking closely at what their customers need.

Awards & Recognitions

Over the years, Teka has been providing high quality and innovative products to its consumers. This led them to be awarded numerous awards – Home Dec Awards 2013 Best Design in Malaysia, Escolha do Consumidor Award (2014) in Portugal, Red Dot Award 2015 in Germany, Dobry Design 2016 in Poland, Five Stars Awards 2017 in Portugal, Inside Out Readers Choice Awards 2018 in Dubai, E.ON Energy Efficiency Award (2018) in Hungary and many more.

Past Projects

Due to Teka’s nature to come up with innovative products, they were offered to take part in several renowned architectural projects. This includes Eiffel Tower, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Laguna de la Pirámide, The Monument Sanampao, The Sentral Residence, Rivertrees Residence, Hilton Ras al-haimah, The Pearl of Qatar, and more.

Product Range

Teka offers a wide range of well-designed appliances and other products.

It ranges from microwaves, dishwashers, dish racks, bathroom sinks, kitchen & bar sinks, coffee machines, showerheads, shower sets, dryers, combo washer dryers, bath towel holders, toilet roll holders, bathroom faucets, freezers, range hoods, pots & pans, build-in ovens, to cooktops & ranges.

You can shop for a wide range of Teka appliances with a full warranty from XAMMAX.

Their products are energy efficient and have won several international awards. For instance, Teka DW1 605 FI has been awarded the E.ON Energy Efficiency Award in Hungary.